English Language and Literature, A-Level


If you’re interested in exploring language widely, in traditional literary texts and modern communication including blogging, Twitter and television, this course will suit you perfectly. You’ll develop your own writing in both fiction and non-fiction forms, including public speeches, short stories and articles, as well as expanding your understanding of English language at a more complex, technical level.

The course involves reading and analysing a range of texts; you will explore fiction, including poetry and prose, from modern poet Jacob Sam La-Rose’s 2013 collection to F Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby. It also examines a variety of non-fiction texts, from Captain Robert Scott’s 1912 diary to Russell Brand’s interview on drug policy.

You will work independently on coursework centred on non-fiction texts, including the work of renowned blogger, Allie Brosh, as well as applying your analytical skills to a drama text.



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English Language and Literature, A-Level SF-ENLLAL-D(1718)000

South Downs Campus
Academic Year 2017-18 (1 year)
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A minimum of five GCSEs at grades A*-C, including English and Mathematics at grade 4 or above.

On this course you will study:

  • 20 non-fiction spoken and written texts across different time periods and contexts
  • Comparative and contextual study based on the anthology and unseen texts




The course is taught over two years, with a new component each term, and continuous revision of the core texts and skills.

The four components are:

  • Exploring non-fiction
  • The language of poetry and plays
  • Reading as a writer, writing as a reader
  • Independent study

You will be provided with handbooks and resources, including glossaries, as well as the core texts we will study.

Any core reading for the course is completed as guided reading in class.

By examination and the end of the course and submission of a body of coursework.

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I focused and worked hard to get the grades. I had some support from my lecturer during a stressful time. The college is really good and supportive.

Natasha Boerer, BTEC student

I would say it’s a college that really balances academia with fun, there is lots of extra-curricular stuff that you can get involved in. It has a really good work/life balance.

Laura Hagedorn, A Level student

Everyone at the College was really helpful, and there’s lots of facilities, meaning it’s very easy to get your work done on time, and get good grades. The teaching and support was excellent, they were always on top of it, and made sure you got work done on time and you were challenged. Everyone is friendly and its really diverse, meaning you can get involved in lots of different things.

Conor Ward, BTEC student


English Language and Literature is excellent preparation for any degree course that involves extensive analysis, essay writing and independent research, and will particularly prepare you for any English or linguistic degree.


Teaching, Journalism, Publishing, Copywriting, Public Relations, Information Services, Law, Politics and Media