Sociology, A-Level


Are you curious about the world in which we live?  What makes us the people we are? What our role and function in society is? A Level Sociology appeals to those with a lively and enquiring mind. If you have an interest in current affairs and a desire to explore new ideas, this course would be ideal for you.

Sociology is the study of society. As a Sociologist, you’ll study the impact of institutions in society on people’s opportunities and experiences. This will help you to begin to understand reasons why people differ depending on their circumstances

Sociology A Level will help you gain a deeper understanding of how society works and the social factors that affect our lives and choices as individuals. 

You’ll study different social institutions such as family, education, crime and deviance and how these are affected by our gender, ethnicity, class and age. You will develop skills in research, analysis and evaluation that will be highly regarded by universities, especially when you are applying for a degree in social science, criminology, social policy or social work. 



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Sociology, A Level HF-SOCIAL-D(1718)000

Havant Campus
Academic Year 2017-18 (1 year)
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The entry requirements to an A Level programme is five GCSEs at grade 4 or above (A*-C), including English Language and Mathematics.

Sociology looks at the society around us and our place in it. We are born into a world which already exists and therefore, we have to learn the culture of our society and our place within it. Sociology examines the relationships which exist between people and the social groups they may belong to within society. 


You will examine a variety of different sociological ideas and concepts used to try to explain social change. 


Initially, you will focus on how we all acquire our own social identity through various agencies and processes within society. We then focus on culture in society and how we all learn the culture of the society we live in and also, how this culture is transmitted. 


We introduce you to Sociology generally and you will learn some key terms and concepts and all about the processes of cultural transmission. We look at a topic from a choice of Families or Youth to further extend and develop your knowledge of culture.


Ways of passing on culture include education, media and religion and we look in-depth at one of these sociological topics. Research methods are integrated to allow them to be studied in context.


In the later stages of this course you will focus on the sociological issue of power in society and how there are entrenched social differences in our society.


On this course you will study three components:

Component 1: an introduction to socialisation, culture and identity, the sociology of the family and the sociology of education

Component 2: methods of sociological enquiry

Component 3: power and stratification, you will study social inequalities and criminology



All of our lecturers are leading subject and industry professionals.

We use digital innovation in delivering teaching and learning. On the Havant Campus, Google for Education technology is embedded throughout the College’s curriculum, equipping you with skills in industry-recognised cloud-based applications for your onward career journey.

Our teaching focuses on whole class discussion, individual written work and small group tasks. You need to have a questioning, analytical approach, enjoy debating and be open to new and challenging ideas.

You will attend talks by guest speakers, experience social science lectures at local universities, maybe visit the Houses of Parliament and take part in a variety of relevant events.



There is no coursework component. All components are examined by summer exams at the end of the Second Year.

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My time at the college was definitely life changing, I have learnt a lot of new skills, and obviously it’s a completely new experience. The support was great, there was always people there to help and try make it as easy as they can for you. The college is really fantastic, it has helped me on the way to get to what I want to achieve within my career goals.

Erin Morgan, BTEC student

My experience at the college has been really good, it’s been really rewarding, all the lecturers were so lovely and supportive there’s no way I could have done it without them - the teaching has been outstanding.

Lucie Brooks, A Level student

There are great teachers here. This college has felt more like a university than a school, and it’s definitely lived up to that more grown-up feel.

Vicky Lipscombe, A Level student


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