10am start

10 AM start
Your success is our priority

That’s why from September 2019 we’re changing the start time of our A Level courses to 10am.

Why is a 10am start better for students?
Academic research shows that teenagers experience changes to their circadian rhythms – this means that not only do they need more sleep, they also naturally wake up and go to sleep later.

We want the best from our students, which is why we’re adapting our timetable to fit with your body clock.  

‘The 10am start will improve learning, partly because students will be in better health, and partly because older teenagers learn better later in the day’
Dr Paul Kelley of the Open University (formerly, University of Oxford)

We’ve spoken to our current students, and asked them what would make their College experience even better. Our new timetable is a result of academic research and student feedback. Here’s an example of what your timetable might look like:

We think it’s important to support our students as much as possible. We give you
5 hours of teaching time per subject, per week. That’s more than any other local College.

All our students have one lunchtime (and plenty of social spaces available – including an on-site Starbucks). This means you can spend time with your friends, even if they don’t do the same subjects as you.

To help take the pressure off we’ve built in study time to our timetable. This gives you an opportunity for group study sessions, revision or just to get a head start on your homework. What’s even better – if you use your time wisely you can free up your evenings or weekends to give you time for socialising, a part time job, or volunteering opportunities. And we know this works – our students have a higher level of success than other local Hampshire Colleges.

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