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BTEC Entry Level 3

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Award in Vocational Studies (Entry 3) AF-VOSTE3-D(0000)100

Alton Campus

Type of study
Full Time, Vocational

Academic Year 2022-23 (1 years)

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On this Entry Level 3 Vocational Studies course, you'll learn skills that may help you progress to the Level 1 Vocational Studies Course at HSDC Alton or a more independent life when you leave. You will have the opportunity to do work experience and the course will focus on the vocational skills that employers want you to have in the workplace, including reading, writing, speaking and listening, Maths and ICT. 

You will also be able to complete a range of units that interest you, these may include subjects like Media, Sport, Horticulture and Catering.  By the end of the course, you will have developed your independence, personal and social skills so that you leave feeling more confident and better qualified, with a nationally recognised Vocational qualification.

There are no formal entry requirements, although you will normally have followed an Entry or GCSE programme of study at school.

The BTEC Entry Level 3 Award/Extended Certificate in Vocational Studies will give you the opportunity to study different vocational subject options that may include Sport, Art, Cooking, Horticulture and Engineering. You will also improve your core English, Maths, ICT, independence and social communication skills which will boost your career opportunities and prospects. You will also complete work experience giving you the opportunity to develop your confidence and employability skills for your life beyond College.

You will be taught in groups of approximately 8-16 dependent on options, by experienced staff who are able to support learners with a range of different SEN needs. In the classroom, you will work both in groups and individually. There will be some notetaking as well as roleplay, group discussions and visiting speakers. There is an expectation that you will study outside the course in your own time completing classwork, producing coursework or doing lesson preparation.

During the course, you will be assessed through coursework in various ways including oral presentations, video films, audiotapes, written work and field trips. English, Maths and ICT will be assessed by formal exams.

You will be expected to provide your own folder, stationery, USB stick and calculators (where appropriate).

Work experience uniform (advisable): £20.
Field trips: £60 (approximately).

The Catering module requires a small financial contribution.

If the costs of equipment, materials and trips may cause you financial hardship, you may wish to read through details of the financial support scheme on our website.

Having successfully completed the course you will be able to make further choices about which direction you wish to take. You can decide to progress onto a BTEC Level 1 course with a recommendation from your tutor, a supported employment or internship programme, or a more independent life when you leave.

“HSDC provided me with the opportunity for autonomous study and the choice of subjects that I wanted to study, which helped me develop relevant knowledge as well as relevant skills for the workplace.”

Lucas Ratcliffe, A Level and CTEC student

I overcame a couple of barriers by working really hard to get the top grades. My experience was really good, with the course and the lecturers, the residentials and activities, together it was all really good. I had really great teaching support, I could always go to the lecturers and speak to them if I needed to.

David Stenning, Public Services student

I’m really happy and pleased with my grades. I really loved my time at the college, I have also made lots of friends, it’s a really nice place to be, I don’t want to leave.

Lauren Piper, A Level student