Applied Science

Cambridge Technical Level 2 Diploma (Pre-T Level)

three students in lab coats holding chemicals in test tubes

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Applied Science - Level 2 Cambridge Technical Diploma AF-SCIE2D-D(0000)000

Alton Campus

Type of study
Full Time, T Levels, Vocational

Academic Year 2022-23 (1 years)

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This course is focused on giving you a solid educational foundation to science, which includes both theoretical and practical skills in earth science, psychology, biology, chemistry and environmental science.

As a learner, you’ll acquire the investigative skills needed to work in a laboratory setting or progress onto a science-based Level 3 course or Apprenticeship programme.

Five GCSEs at grade 3 including English Language, Mathematics and double Science or equivalent. Single Science at grade 4 or above can be accepted in place of double Science.

You will study the following units:

  • Earth Science – ideas about the changing nature of the Earth and our place as humans living on Earth.
  • Biology and Psychology – you will be looking at factors that affect health, wellbeing and how human behaviours can be explained using a number of approaches.
  • Chemistry – you will be looking at the widespread uses of chemicals, including practical investigations to gather data. Furthermore, you’ll look at a range of analytical techniques, used both in medical and commercial laboratories and develop your understanding of these within practical chemistry units.
  • Human Behaviour – this unit will develop your understanding of how a variety of human behaviours can be explained using a number of different approaches.
  • Science and Health – you will look at how science is providing treatments for many diseases and infections that cause problems within society.
  • Environmental Analysis – you will look at the world around you and how scientists work to maintain the quality of our land, water and air.

You will be assessed by written assignments.

Successfully completing this course to Merit or above allows progression onto Level 3 Forensic Science and Criminal investigation or Level 3 Biomedical Science. It is also possible to go into the workplace by progressing onto the Level 3 Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship.

"I am delighted with my results and am really looking forward to studying Law at Oxford University. I really enjoyed my time at HSDC Alton and I really appreciate all the help and support from my fantastic teachers, without whom I wouldn't have got my place at Oxford."

Catherine Goldie, HSDC Alton A Level Student

I would say it’s a college that really balances academia with fun, there is lots of extra-curricular stuff that you can get involved in. It has a really good work/life balance.

Laura Hagedorn, A Level student

My experience at the College was great, it’s very different to school, and I think it’s a good step to going to university. The support was amazing, I loved all of my teachers, they helped me through everything. The College is friendly and you will succeed.

Heidi Adamson Brattland, A Level student