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Business – OCR Level 2 (Pre-T-Level)

Level 2 (Pre T Level)

Business - OCR Level 2 (Pre-T-Level)

Availability & Details

Business - OCR Level 2 (Pre-T-Level) AF-BUSN2T-D(0000)000

Alton Campus

Type of study

Academic Year 2023-24 (1 years)

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On this course, you will follow a balanced programme of study that develops knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of business. 

There will be opportunities for the development of transferable skills related to study and to the real business sector, aiming to give you the opportunity to progress to employment or progress within employment in a wide range of job roles across the business sector.

You will need to have attained a GCSE grade 3 profile or equivalent. A discussion will take place during interview to ensure that this course is appropriate to your needs. You must have a good level of English and Maths.

  • Business Purposes
  • Business Organisations
  • Financial Forecasting for Business
  • People in Organisations
  • The Marketing Plan
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Communication in Business Contexts
  • Training and Employment in Business
  • Personal Selling in Business
  • Customer Relations in Business
  • Business Online

The teaching team will employ a variety of teaching and learning strategies, including teacher input, group discussions, visits, presentations and hands-on use of computers.

Developing practical skills in customer service, problem-solving, leadership and teamwork. An entrepreneurial mindset is at the core of our courses.

All units are assessed and graded internally by lecturers. The assessments include reports, events, role plays and the production of other written documents.

Completion of this course with a Merit grade will allow you to progress onto any relevant T Level, or other Level 3 course. This gives learners the potential opportunity to progress to employment, or progress within employment in a wide range of job roles across the business sector.

I overcame a couple of barriers by working really hard to get the top grades. My experience was really good, with the course and the lecturers, the residentials and activities, together it was all really good. I had really great teaching support, I could always go to the lecturers and speak to them if I needed to.

David Stenning, Public Services student

There are lots of people at the college, each studying a diverse range of courses, people from all different areas come to study here, it creates a sense of community, there is a huge social aspect to college life across all courses.

Lee Backhouse, BTEC student

I would say it’s a college that really balances academia with fun, there is lots of extra-curricular stuff that you can get involved in. It has a really good work/life balance.

Laura Hagedorn, A Level student