Animal First Aid

College Certificate

Taught by a veterinary professional, this course is aimed at anyone with an interest in animals. It is particularly useful for pet owners who would like to be more aware of what to do in animal first aid situations.

This training session includes simulated canine and feline cardiopulmonary resuscitation, basic bandaging and advice on a wide range of pet medical emergencies.


Type of study

Availability & Details

Animal First Aid Mon 18:00 - 21:00 Gp 01 SC-ANFANO-G(1819)SA1

South Downs Campus
29-Apr-2019 - 29-Apr-2019 (weeks)

On this course, you will study:

  • Identification of first aid situations
  • Classification of situations
  • Haemorrhage
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Bandaging and dressings
  • The signs and treatment of shock and poisoning
  • Foreign bodies
  • Internal injuries
  • Dystocia

Other situations related to first aid such as prophylactic (preventative) treatment, health checks and laws affecting first aid treatment (training and qualifications).


This course will be taught on one evening, over 3 hours. The session will include demonstrations and practical activities with a live animal. This will allow you to become aware of and practice some of the first aid techniques that may be needed with animals. Lesson will also include class discussions and some written tasks. 

There is no formal assessment on this course. Within this mini course there will be: practical demonstrations to observe, an ‘animal first aid’ advice booklet with short tasks to work through within the session, plus opportunities to practise basic first aid techniques. You will obtain a certificate that outlines what you have covered on the course.

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