Business, OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate

Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate

Businesses are the heart of the economy. Business develops innovation, creates wealth within communities and is the leader in developing the skills of the UK workforce. The OCR Cambridge Technical qualification in Business uses a range of units to introduce a number of key business concepts, such as how businesses manage their resources; whether human, financial or operational. The importance of marketing will also be investigated, and there will be an opportunity for you to create your own promotional campaign for a product. You’ll experience business recruitment processes and create and interpret financial accounts. These courses are ideal training for the modern workplace.

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Business, OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate AF-BUSN3T-D(0000)002

Alton Campus
Academic Year 2020-21 (2 years)
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Students should normally have achieved at least five GCSEs at grade 9-4. You will need at least a Grade 4 in English and Maths

Our Technical qualifications in Business develop students’ core skills and understanding of the requirements of the business sector. Students gain hands-on experience and have the opportunity to focus on specific topics such as human resources, marketing, accounting and business planning.

  • Marketing – how Marketing Managers decide on the pricing, packaging and promotion for their products. And what colours, sizes and features it should have.
  • Human Resources – how businesses recruit staff, then how do they keep them through a combination of rewards and training
  • Finance – why is Jones the Bootmaker losing money, how will Vodafone raise the money to build their 5G network?

Lesson activities are wide ranging; you will use case studies to explore how business have acted. And role play to practice interview skills. And computer models to see what happens when you make decisions. And hear from speakers to bring the topic to life.

– 5 different Units over the two years – 3 mandatory, 2 optional.
– 2 of the mandatory units are examined.
– 1 optional unit may be examined.

3 Mandatory Units:

Unit 1 – The Business Environment

Unit 2 – Working in Business

Unit 4 – Customers and Communication

2 Optional Units:

Chosen from Business Decisions / Marketing and Market Research / Human Resources / Accounting Concepts / Principles of Project Management / Responsible Business Practices / International Business / Business Events / Being Entrepreneurial

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"The course is informative and interesting. The deadlines teach you to manage time and work effectively. It has taught me about the business world, which has lead me to chose and apply for a business course at university."

Maddie Young, previously at Peter Symonds College