English Functional Skills

Level 1 Functional Skills

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English Functional Skills level 1 AF-ENGLF1-D(0000)003

Alton Campus

Type of study
Full Time, Functional Skills

Academic Year 2022-23 (1 years)

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This course will allow you to develop the reading, writing and speaking skills which are key in the world of work. You will learn how to find relevant information, how to distinguish between facts and opinions and how to summarise the key points of texts. You will practise writing emails, letters and reviews. You will take part in small group and whole class discussions and give at least one formal presentation.

English Entry Level 3 or GCSE grade 1 in English Language.

This Functional Skills Level 1 course at HSDC Alton involves three components:

  • Reading (1 hour exam)
  • Writing – (1 hour exam)
  • Speaking and Listening – (internally assessed)

At HSDC Alton, you will practise at least two components each lesson, such as reading and writing or reading and speaking. There will be many opportunities to discuss topics such as the pros and cons of social media or whether there should be harsher punishments for drunk driving, for example. You will be expected to complete a reading and writing assessment in class every half term and you will have tasks set to complete in your own time at least every two weeks. All resources and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.

Reading and writing external exams in May. Speaking and Listening internally assessed by your teacher.

Students usually progress to an English Functional Skills Level 2 course or occasionally to a GCSE English Language course.

The college is a bright and happy place, everyone is kind and friendly to each other.

Megan Hall, A Level student

College is definitely worth all the effort you put in, you get to meet lots of different people and it’s amazing.

Ebony Puttock, A Level student

My time at the college was definitely life changing, I have learnt a lot of new skills, and obviously it’s a completely new experience. The support was great, there was always people there to help and try make it as easy as they can for you. The college is really fantastic, it has helped me on the way to get to what I want to achieve within my career goals.

Erin Morgan, BTEC student