English Language


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English Language - GCSE - Thu 13:45-16:15 AP-ENGLGC-G(2122)002

Alton Campus

Type of study
Adult Learning, GCSE, Part Time

16-Sep-2021 - 19-May-2022 (weeks)

Examination board
Exam Full Fee £42.55
Course Full Fee £811.00


If you would like to improve your GCSE grade 3 or 2, or in previous years a D or E grade, in English Language then this course is for you. Most employers and universities will be asking for at least Grade 4 or above. This one year, part time course develops your reading and writing skills in preparation for the exams when you will be asked to show understanding of a range of texts including newspaper articles, biography and extracts of novels. During lessons, we encourage you to interact with discussions and debates to help you prepare for the speaking and listening skills needed for the end of course assessment. If you who speak English as a second or other language, you may benefit from ESOL lessons to improve their knowledge of language and expand their vocabulary.

This course is designed for you if you have not previously taken GCSE English, or have previously achieved a grade 1-3 (C or less) in your English Language qualification. It is recommended that you have a strong interest in this subject and recent study experience.

On this part time course as HSDC Alton, will cover areas such as: 

  • Analysis of texts
  • Writing tasks (including writing from imagination and for specific purposes)


Classes run on a weekly basis and homework tasks will be set to support topics studied. This course is very fast-paced and will require you to spend approximately two to three hours a week on independent reading, preparing material or writing assignments.

You will have access to lectures and seminars run by qualified Lecturers. You will also work with PowerPoint lectures, handouts, textbooks and online resources such as Moodle and the internet. Throughout the course, you will work both independently and participate in group or whole-class activities. 

The course is assessed through two examinations, both containing reading and creative writing, worth 50% each. You will also be assessed through a short in-class presentation for speaking and listening which will complete the topics of qualification for this unit.

A grade 4 in GCSE English is invaluable to many employers. You may also wish to continue on to another course that may require a pass at GCSE English.

Everyone at the College was really helpful, and there’s lots of facilities, meaning it’s very easy to get your work done on time, and get good grades. The teaching and support was excellent, they were always on top of it, and made sure you got work done on time and you were challenged. Everyone is friendly and its really diverse, meaning you can get involved in lots of different things.

Conor Ward, BTEC student

The college is a bright and happy place, everyone is kind and friendly to each other.

Megan Hall, A Level student

College is definitely worth all the effort you put in, you get to meet lots of different people and it’s amazing.

Ebony Puttock, A Level student