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This course focuses on Fine Art skills, but is directly relevant to careers in Architecture, Illustration, Product Design, Graphic Design and Fashion. Creativity encourages and promotes independent thinking and can complement more academic studies. Visits to London galleries are offered on this course along with opportunities to experience cultural destinations abroad. Enthusiasm, good drawing ability and the resourcefulness to work independently are important qualities for students to be successful.

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Art & Design, A-Level AF-ARDEAL-D(0000)001

Alton Campus
Academic Year 2020-21 (2 years)
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Students should normally have achieved at least five GCSEs at grade 9-4. For GCSEs which remain with the old grading system, a Grade 4 is equivalent to a Grade C.

We recommend a grade 5 in a creative or technical subject at GCSE, although in exceptional circumstances we do consider students without an Art qualification.

At Alton College on the Art & Design A-Level you will study:

  • A range of projects that follow a series of thematically based topics, to include “Journey”, “City” and “Portrait”.
    Workshop sessions which will introduce you to a range of materials and techniques, allowing you the freedom to experiment with your own imagery and ideas.
  • In your 2nd year, you will undertake a Personal Investigation in a specialist area of own choice where you explore an aspect of Art and Design that interests you, this will involve producing sketchbooks and outcomes. The Personal Investigation will be supported with an essay (maximum 3000 words).

Explorative sketchbook work to prepare you for the Externally Set Task with a topic set by the exam board.  This component is followed from February of your second year culminating in a 15 hour timed period to produce your outcome.

Lesson activities include plenty of time to develop your ideas and imagery with guidance from tutors alongside workshop sessions where new skills are delivered and critical discussion of student’s  and artist’s work.  You are encouraged to work in a range of media such as drawing, painting, collage, digital, 3D and printmaking. Art is directly relevant to a wide range of careers from Architect to Tattooist. The creative and independent way of thinking Art encourages is valuable in all walks of life.

60% Personal Investigation 40% Externally Set Task.
Externally set task includes a 15 hour practical controlled exam.

Printing and Art Materials £15 - £20/term.
Optional trips from £15 each. There is an annual overseas Creative Visual Arts department trip.

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I’m really happy and pleased with my grades. I really loved my time at the college, I have also made lots of friends, it’s a really nice place to be, I don’t want to leave.

Lauren Piper, A Level student

I overcame a couple of barriers by working really hard to get the top grades. My experience was really good, with the course and the lecturers, the residentials and activities, together it was all really good. I had really great teaching support, I could always go to the lecturers and speak to them if I needed to.

David Stenning, Public Services student

My courses were all especially interesting, I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. All of my lecturers were extremely knowledgeable and I have learnt a lot from them.

Lottie Warren, A Level student