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Have you ever dreamt about dancing on stage? Do you want to know how to create well-structured, imaginative choreography like Matthew Bourne? Do you want to learn to perform like Darcey Bussell? Or write reviews about dance like the journalist Judith Mackrell? This course will help you to get closer to these goals and more. The course is taught in our beautiful purpose-built dance studio, the ideal environment to develop your passion for dance. You will be taught how to choreograph a group dance to communicate a stimulus such as a poem, sculpture or quote. You will also perform a solo and a quartet, being assessed on your ability to confidently connect with the audience and other dancers. The written exam covers two periods of dance history, American Jazz Dance 1940-75 and Rambert Dance Company 1966-2002. You will also learn how to describe, analyse and evaluate dance works through the study of two set works: Singin’ in the Rain by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen and Rooster by Christopher Bruce.

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Dance, A-Level AF-DANCAL-D(0000)000

Alton Campus
Academic Year 2020-21 (2 years)
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Students should normally have achieved at least five GCSEs at grade 9-4.

The course is designed for students from a Dance background. Either a GCSE in Dance or Dance experience from a private dance school (RAD, ISTD, IDTA exams) is essential.

  • Group choreography; learning how to effectively express a poem, quote, painting, sculpture or concept through dance.
  • Solo performance; a technical solo based on genuine professional repertoire. This might be ballet, tap, jazz or contemporary and must reflect a particular choreographer’s style from a choice of twenty six.
  • Performance in a quartet; confidently connecting with both the audience and other dancers.
  • Rambert Dance Company 1966-2002; the UK’s leading contemporary dance company. An exciting, sometimes experimental company.
  • American Jazz Dance 1940-75; dance in movie musicals and on Broadway including works such as West Side Story and Sweet Charity. Think isolation, strong musicality and expressing a character.
  • Rooster by Christopher Bruce. A contemporary style dance performed to the music of The Rolling Stones; exploring dating rituals and the era of the swinging sixties.
  • Singin in the Rain’ by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly; containing jazz and tap dances, not forgetting that iconic scene where Kelly dances and splashes in puddles!

Lessons activities are varied, from practical technique classes to choreography workshops to written analysis tasks.
We also organise a huge range of trips to theatres, visiting workshops, alongside many opportunities to perform at College.

50% written exam, 50% practical exam.

Trips from £20 each

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