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Law, A-Level AF-LAWWAL-D(0000)000

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Academic Year 2021-22 (2 years)

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Law has a significant influence on our daily lives and is a factor in many news items, films and TV programmes. When studying law, you’ll learn how it’s made and how the court system works. We will consider the nature of justice, and whether law and morality are the same. You will be able to identify criminal offences, such as murder and robbery, and criminal defences, including self-defence. Also, you’ll learn about the civil law topics of tort and contract, which will give you the opportunity to draft a legal agreement. We aim to develop your skills of analysis and evaluation in a variety of ways – through problem-solving, discussion and essaywriting. There are also opportunities to visit a Crown Court and the Houses of Parliament, and to take part in a Bar Mock Trial competition. If you have a critical and enquiring mind, this course is for you!

You should normally have achieved at least five GCSEs at grade 9-4, including English at grade 5 or above and Mathematics at grade 4 or above.

On this full time A Level course at HSDC Alton, you will study the following:

  • The Nature of the English Legal System: Understand how law is made and the role law plays in society, including how a case is taken to court.  We will also consider the extent to which law achieves justice and whether law and morality are the same.
  • Criminal Law: Includes analysis of the non-fatal offences like assault and grievous bodily harm, and the fatal offences of murder and manslaughter, plus property offences such as robbery.
  • Tort: This is an area of Civil Law governing accidents and damage. You will be exploring the principles concerning negligence and other civil wrongs.
  • Law of Contract: Understand what is required to make an agreement legally enforceable and what steps can be taken if someone fails to keep their side of a bargain. Could you write a contract on a dead fish?

You will learn in lots of different ways: through problem-solving, teacher-led discussion, quizzes and other activities. Learning will involve you working individually and small and medium-sized groups, in which you will debate and share ideas. There will also be visits to courts and Parliament and talks from law professionals, plus the opportunity for you to take part in a mock trial and to access an extensive computer package offering lectures, cases and links to important legal resources. Through this approach you will gain valuable employability skills, which will help you with further studies in the future and in any chosen career.

100% exam (three exam papers).

Essential textbooks over the two year course is £40.

Additional costs include trips to Parliament and the courts.

“A Level Law gave me great insight into what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. And the teachers I had pushed me to work hard despite having unconditional offers.”

Kudzai Museve, Law A Level student