A Level

During this two year course you will explore the language, culture and society of the countries where the language is spoken and
develop a critical and analytical approach to film and literature in your chosen language.

You will carry out independent research on a chosen aspect of social, cultural, artistic and political life. Over the two years of your course, listening, reading, speaking and writing skills will be continuously practised and developed.

You will be encouraged to express opinions, discuss topics and current affairs and use a wider range of vocabulary and grammatical structures to become an accurate and independent user of the German language. You will also have the opportunity to take part in our organised visits.

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German, A-Level HF-GERMAL-D(0000)000

Havant Campus
Academic Year 2020-21 (2 years)
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Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above including English Language and Mathematics. This must include a grade 6 in the language you wish to study, or an equivalent level of proficiency in the language.

First year topics:

  • Aspects of society: social issues and current trends such as attitudes to marriage, equality of opportunity, communication technology, regional identity, music, cinema, artistic and cultural heritage in the country where the language is spoken.
  • Detailed study of a film.

Second year topics:

  • Multiculturalism in society: immigration, racism and integration.
  • Aspects of political and social life in the country where the language is spoken: political systems, the role of the EU, law and order.
  • Detailed study of a novel or play

The language laboratory will be used regularly for listening comprehension. There will be considerable oral work, either as a whole group, small group or pair work.

Grammar will be fully revised and extended to develop the use of more complex structures. This will then be consolidated by a variety of written tasks. Reading comprehension skills with some translation will be developed. You will be expected to learn vocabulary regularly and complete homework of approximately five hours per week.

Students will be entered for three examination papers:
– Paper one: Listening, Reading and Writing
– Paper two: Writing (an essay on one text and one film or two texts from a set list)
– Paper three: Speaking (discussion of a stimulus card plus individual research project)

You may decide to continue to study language at university by either focusing on one language or combining language study with almost any
other subject. This A Level is a great asset for university and employment as you will acquire invaluable transferable skills such as autonomy, creativity, analytical and critical thinking and communication skills.

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My experience at the College was great, it’s very different to school, and I think it’s a good step to going to university. The support was amazing, I loved all of my teachers, they helped me through everything. The College is friendly and you will succeed.

Heidi Adamson Brattland, A Level student

Everyone at the College was really helpful, and there’s lots of facilities, meaning it’s very easy to get your work done on time, and get good grades. The teaching and support was excellent, they were always on top of it, and made sure you got work done on time and you were challenged. Everyone is friendly and its really diverse, meaning you can get involved in lots of different things.

Conor Ward, BTEC student

The teaching has been really good, I’ve loved all of my teachers, they’ve all been really nice and supportive.

Jodie Hook