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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Project (in addition to A Level programme)


Availability & Details

Extended Project HF-EPQPL3-D(0000)000

Havant Campus

Type of study
A Levels, Full Time

Academic Year 2023-24 (1 year)

Examination board

How to apply

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The Extended Project will develop and extend your understanding in an aspect of one or more of your main subject areas, or of an area of personal interest or activity outside your college studies. It will be based on a topic chosen by you and agreed as appropriate by the centre. You can research a question on a topic you are passionate about, then report your findings in an essay/artefact and a presentation, to gain an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is worth half an A Level.

The EPQ is open to A Level students at Havant.

Here’s what Russell Group universities say about the EPQ:

UCL welcomes the introduction of the Extended Project into the curriculum, recognising that it will develop many of the skills necessary for successful study at university.”

– University College London

We value the EPQ, and appreciate the hard work that goes into completing one.”

– University of Southampton.

The EPQ is open to both A Level and Vocational Level 3 students.

Your tutor will inform you of the EPQ application process in the January/February after you start at HSDC Havant.

You will have taught lessons to build your independent working skills in:

  • Time management
  • Research
  • Essay writing
  • Presentations
  • Evaluation

Taught lessons start after the February half term in the first year of your A Level study programme. The EPQ runs from February-February therefore you have plenty of time to revise for your summer exams once the EPQ has finished.

You will also have a supervisor who will mentor you through the EPQ process.

The EPQ can take one of two forms, either an extended essay of 5,000 words or an artefact e.g. a piece of art or music, a performance or a multimedia item (e.g. a short film) with an accompanying 1,000 word essay.

You will document evidence of all stages of your project development in your production log.

Completing the EPQ will support your university application, as you will be building excellent independent study skills which will help you thrive at University. If you have an interview for your university place, you will be able to talk enthusiastically and knowledgeably about the topic you have been researching.

I really enjoyed doing an EPQ, and feel it really enhanced my research and essay writing skills. I can’t think of any improvements!”

Jemima Willoughby

“It was great for exploring what I enjoyed learning about on a highly academic level, which led me to the degree I want to do."

Jono Hall