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Mathematics Functional Skills

Entry Level 1

math compass, ruler and pencils on a desk

Availability & Details

Mathematics Functional Skills Entry Level 1 HP-MATHE1-D(0000)000

Teaching Entry 1 and 2 together. Have split the staff hours between them.

Havant Campus

Type of study
Adult Learning, Functional Skills, Part Time

Academic Year 2023-24 (1 year)

Examination board


This course will  help you develop and improve your Maths skills in a practical way and achieve a recognised qualification.




This course is for students who do not have a grade C/4 or above in GCSE Maths. You will be required to come in for an initial assessment before you can enrol on this course.

The course covers:

  • Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of whole numbers
  • Working with money
  • Using metric measure
  • Simple fractions
  • Analysing data and charts
  • Shapes

In class and external based assessments.

This course is free for students who do not have a Grade c or 4 or above in GCSE Maths.

To a higher level Functional Skill Maths

My courses were all especially interesting, I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. All of my lecturers were extremely knowledgeable and I have learnt a lot from them.

Lottie Warren, A Level student

My experience at the College was great, it’s very different to school, and I think it’s a good step to going to university. The support was amazing, I loved all of my teachers, they helped me through everything. The College is friendly and you will succeed.

Heidi Adamson Brattland, A Level student

There are lots of people at the college, each studying a diverse range of courses, people from all different areas come to study here, it creates a sense of community, there is a huge social aspect to college life across all courses.

Lee Backhouse, BTEC student