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Law, A-Level HF-LAWWAL-D(0000)000

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Academic Year 2021-22 (2 years)

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One of the oldest professions in the world, Law is a solid foundation for those interested in furthering a career in Law as well as those wishing to develop their research, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Law has an impact on everyone on a daily basis. You will gain a fascinating insight into the laws by which we abide, how these laws are enforced and the consequences of breaking them. It will also inform you about your rights and responsibilities as an individual.


Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above including English Language and Mathematics.

On this course subjects include:

Criminal Law
This enables you to look at the general principles of criminal liability: the course considers particular offences including murder, manslaughter, non-fatal offences against the person, theft, burglary and robbery.

Contract Law
This enables you to look at the requirements for a legally enforceable contract and you will appreciate, among other things, the impact of a misrepresentation on the validity of that contract.

Tort Law
This focuses on liability in negligence for injury to people and damage to property. It considers occupier liability in respect of both lawful visitors and trespassers as well as defences and possible remedies.

Human Rights Law
This looks at the principles of human rights, their nature, protection and constitutional position under UK law: specific rights, including the right to freedom of expression, are explored in detail, as are the restrictions upon them.

How the law interacts with morality, justice, society and technology
During the course you will be given the opportunity to visit local and national courts, as well as participate in a Law Essay Prize and a national Bar Mock Trial competition.


The use of digital technology is embedded throughout the curriculum equipping you with skills that are industry-recognised, cloud based applications for your onward career journey. The College offers a variety of learning and teaching approaches including lectures, tutorials, studios, workshops, presentations and group discussions.

You’ll have the opportunity to visit law courts. Students have also visited the Houses of Parliament; the Supreme court; the Royal Courts of Justice; the Old Bailey. Visiting speakers have included a crown court judge, local police officers and  a member of the House of Lords.  You can also join the College’s Debating Society.

All modules are exam-based with all exams being sat at the end of the Second Year.

Law students are able to progress on to a wide range of Higher Education courses. Those wishing to follow a career in law are frequently successful in securing places at many of the most prestigious universities (including Russell Group universities) to study law. You can also opt to study law in combination with other subjects.

A high percentage of Law students after graduation will obtain jobs that are within legal services, banking, finance, management, public administration, insurance and retail industries. You may also want to pursue a legal Apprenticeship.

The College is committed to providing you with an education that strongly links formal learning with professional or vocational practice.

I really liked this College – I am glad I came here. The library is lovely to work in

Charlotte Larmer - A Level Law, Psychology and Sociology