Microsoft Excel for Beginners

College Certificate

A short course focused solely on Microsoft Excel. You will spend five weeks getting to grips with the popular Microsoft spreadsheet application. Across the world companies rely on Excel and its powerful features for manipulating data. You will learn the basics of creating formulas, presenting information, charting and linking workbooks to create more powerful solutions. 

Type of study
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Havant & South Downs College

Availability & Details

Microsoft Excel for Beginners SP-MEXCL0-D(0000)000

South Downs Campus
Academic Year 2018-19 (1 year)

No experience of spreadsheets is necessary but you should have experience of using the internet and a solid understanding of the basics of file and folder management.

On this course you will study:

  • Introduction to the Excel interface
  • Creating and saving spreadsheets
  • Create basic formulas using both the auto complete and formula bar
  • Explore the Cell Formats dialogue box and how to format cells
  • Create custom styles to help speed up formatting
  • Use the cell replication tool to speed up entering formulas
  • Use the format painter to style cells
  • Use basic functions to speed up calculations
  • Use named ranges to increase efficiency in data collection
  • Use basic sorts to order data
  • Be able to use multiple criteria to sort data
  • Use filters to search and restrict data
  • Create and edit basic charts using provided data in Excel
  • Linking workbooks
  • Embedding content into other applications
  • Printing and saving spreadsheets

Each topic will be introduced with relevant tuition/demonstrations/handouts – followed by tasks for practice.

Students will be assessed through the development of a portfolio of work covered throughout this course.

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My experience with the teaching and support was really well, as I’m dyslexic, they helped me a lot and I’ve achieved good grades, so I’m really pleased.

Thomas McCann, A Level student

The college is a bright and happy place, everyone is kind and friendly to each other.

Megan Hall, A Level student

The teaching and support was absolutely brilliant, they couldn’t have done anything more or anything better, if I had any questions my lecturers would always stay behind to help me if I needed it and their emails were always open, it was second to none. This college is the best by far.

Amber Searle, BTEC student


After completing this course you could progress on to one of the other Microsoft courses e.g. Excel Beyond Beginners.