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Physical Education, A-Level HF-PHEDAL-D(0000)000

Havant Campus

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Academic Year 2021-22 (2 years)

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If you’re considering a career such as physiotherapy, sports development, sports psychology, leisure management, sports science, sports therapy, PE teaching and sports coaching or the Armed Forces, this is the course for you.

You will develop knowledge and skills to help you understand the opportunities for and effects of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. You’ll study applied anatomy and exercise physiology, biomechanics, skill acquisition and sport psychology, sport and society and the role of technology in sport.

Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above and a grade 5 in a GCSE science is recommended.
You must also be playing competitive sport on a regular basis.

In applied exercise physiology and biomechanics you will develop your knowledge and understanding of the changes within the body systems prior to exercise, during exercise of differing intensities and during recovery. You will study the adaptations to the body systems through training and lifestyle, and how these changes affect the efficiency of those systems.

In biomechanics you will develop knowledge and understanding of motion and forces, and their relevance to performance in physical activity and sport. In skill acquisition and sport psychology you will learn how skill is acquired and the impact of psychological factors on performance, and gain an understanding of the role of sport psychology in optimising performance in both physical activity and sport.

In the sport and society module you will gain a knowledge and understanding of the interaction between, and the evolution of, sport and society and be able to justify the selection of technology for analysis of physical activity and sport to optimise performance.


The aim of this course is to teach theoretical aspects of sport. This will consist of three sessions per week. In each session you will study a different area taught by a specialist in that subject, this will be integrated with practical sport where relevant.

Applied anatomy and physiology will be taught in our sport science lab where you will have the opportunity to take part in physiological tests.

You will get the opportunity to visit the Olympic stadium and experience first hand the urban regeneration that took part in preparation for the 2012 games. There is also a residential in the second year of the course which gives you the opportunity to participate in various outdoor and adventurous activities.


The course is 70% exam, 15% practical assessment and 15% coursework. The practical assessments will be held at various times of the course through observation or video analysis. Revision sessions are also held in the weeks before the exam to help you with your exam preparation.

A good A Level pass in a range of subjects will assist you to progress to Higher Education or appropriate employment.

This course provides an academic foundation to your development, however work and voluntary experience are also valuable. We have excellent relationships with event organisers, schools and other local enterprises. There are a large number of voluntary and work based placement opportunities available, all designed to help you gain insight into the industry and help you to make decisions for your career.

There’s a high standard of teaching in the Sports Department. I’ve also taken part in the GB Colleges Hockey through the College.

William Raymond - A Level Physical Education, Accounting and Business