Principles of Customer Service

Level 2 Certificate

This is an engaging and interactive course ib Customer Service. Guest speakers from local businesses and visits to a nearby business give a real insight into the world of business. Along with this, there will be an opportunity for workshops to help with CV writing, job applications and interview techniques and relevant practice to make sure you are ready to enter the business world.

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Business Ready (Principles of Customer Service Level 2) Group 2 (Havant Wed 09.15am - 14.30pm) HP-CUSE2C-G(1920)SB1

Havant Campus
29-Apr-2020 - 08-Jul-2020 (weeks)
Course Co-Funded Fee £362.00
Exam Co-Funded Fee £56.00
Course Full Fee £671.00
Exam Full Fee £56.00
Course Fully-Funded £0.00
Exam Fully-Funded £0.00

As all companies are now looking to employ staff who already hold a Level 2 Certificate in English and Mathematics (i.e. GCSE grade C or above), a requirement for the course is that you have a minimum of Level 1 in English and Mathematics or be prepared to sit an English and Maths assessment to establish your current levels. However,all applications will be considered on an individual basis.

    • Principles of providing administrative services – this unit focuses on meetings, travel and accommodation, diary systems, office equipment, mail and customer service.
    • Principles of business document production and information management – this unit focuses on preparation and distribution of business documents and managing information in business organisations.
    • Understand communication in a business environment – this unit focuses on written and verbal business communication.
    • Understand employer organisations – this unit focuses on organisational structures and environments.
    • Understand how to develop working relationships with colleagues – this unit focuses on effective team working and working with colleagues.
    • Understand equality and diversity in the workplace – this unit focuses on the standards and expectations for equality and diversity in the workplace.
    • Principles of customer service and delivery – this unit focuses on customer service and its effective delivery. Legal and ethical requirements relating to customer service and maintaining customer service.~
    • Understand customers – this unit focuses on the different types of customers, relationship between good customer service and customer loyalty, and how this affects the organisation in terms of reputation and image.
    • Understand how to provide administrative support for meetings – this unit focuses on all aspects of administrative support required for meetings.
    • Understand how to communicate with customers – this unit focuses on communication styles and selecting appropriate methods of communication with customers.
    • Understand how to resolve problems and deliver customer service to challenging customers – this unit focuses on how to deal with challenging customers and techniques to resolve problems. You will learn how to identify problems, agree solutions and manage unresolved problems.  








Tutor has a wide and varied industry knowedge. There are visits from local businesses to speak about Customer Service and Business in the workplace as well as observations of workplace activites. As part of the course you may also be able to spend time shadowing College administrators to gain hands on experience. The course will run for 18 weeks, 1 day a week 9.15-14.30 – plus additional workshops.


Classroom based tasks, and portfolio building with assignments.

This course is FREE if you meet the eligibility requirements or depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to receive full or part funding for the course. Please do contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

On completion of this course you will be work place ready or could progress on to any other Adult Learning course. There is the opportunity to progress to a level 3 which is offered as a distance learning course.

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