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Getting Ahead

Sport, Fitness & Outdoor Adventure BTEC Level 1 Diploma and Outdoor Adventure Education BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma at South Downs Campus

Welcome to Outdoor Adventure Education. This work will help you gain an understanding of the different disciplines of rock climbing, the equipment used and some of the skills that are required when taking part in the activity.

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Create a poster (preferably digitally) that explains the different disciplines of climbing listed below:

  • Bouldering
  • Top/Bottom Rope Climbing
  • Sport Climbing
  • Traditional Climbing
  • Soloing

Please include pictures to help illustrate the different equipment, skills and techniques you would need for each type of climbing. You will then need to bring this along to your first taught lesson where the lecturer will be going through them in detail.

*This is a representation of your learning space and may not be the exact room you will be using

College is definitely worth all the effort you put in, you get to meet lots of different people and it’s amazing.

Ebony Puttock, A Level student

My experience at the college was enjoyable and productive, with thoroughly helpful people surrounding you, an excellent experience. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was, with the work shop time and experience I had, it was a great two years preparing me for the next stage.

Edward Smith, BTEC student

My experience at the college has been decent, I’ve met lots of people, its been great to be honest, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Oliver Smith, A Level student