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Aim High is a programme that develops skills for the most committed and aspirational students who have an average GCSE point score of 6.5 – 8. The programme provides support for students who wish to progress onto competitive, prestigious and specialist future opportunities. As part of Aim High, students can expect:

  • Arranged visits to prestigious universities
  • Bespoke support for Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge) applications
  • Professional Pathway Support – Medicine, Law, Teaching, Journalism
  • Mentoring from Aim High Tutors
  • Specialist Careers Advice

Aim High is driven by students’ aspirations. All students involved will be supported with personalised advice and guidance to enhance their CV, develop higher-level skills and help them to stand out from the crowd.

At Alton Campus, we offer a special Aspire Programme which our gifted and talented Alton students can attend alongside their study programme. The programme is designed to ensure our students maximise their potential and go on to study at Russell Group and Oxbridge Universities. If you are an Alton student or interested in studying at our Alton Campus, you can view the Aspire Programme in full here.

There is the opportunity to undertake additional courses and qualifications, that complement the subject(s) that you have chosen to study. These can be accessed through your curriculum area in your area of study, or alternatively the College offers students the chance to undertake MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). These are offered in a whole host of subject areas, and can really differentiate you from others when applying for progression opportunities. Subject extras let you explore your passion for a chosen subject and develop your underpinning knowledge to help you in your future aspirations.

Indulge your passion and gain extra credit. You can create an outstanding piece of personal study worth half an A Level by engaging with our Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) initiative.

As well as giving you the opportunity to explore an area of study-related interest, the EPQ will give you academic credit and a notable addition for your growing CV. This means it will help you stand out on your university or job applications and interviews.

The EPQ is open to both A Level and Vocational Level 3 students. The EPQ can take one of four different forms. These are:

  • An extended essay of 5,000 words
  • An artefact (e.g. a piece of art or music)
  • A performance
  • A multi-media item (e.g. a short film)

Here’s what Russell Group universities say about the EPQ:

“UCL welcomes the introduction of the Extended Project into the curriculum, recognising that it will develop many of the skills necessary for successful study at university.” University College London

“We value the EPQ, and appreciate the hard work that goes into completing one.” University of Southampton

The HSDC careers team has an extensive network with links across the whole of the country. Links that the College has includes local universities, Russell Group Universities, Prestigious Universities, as well as specialist Universities.

You will have the opportunity to meet representatives from the universities, subject specific facility tours, visit open days, attend lectures and course specific activities. This can help you decide on your options after college: what do you want to study, why you want to study it, and where you would like to progress to.

Some universities, and some courses require students to sit an admissions test alongside their application to university. HSDC will support all students through the admissions tests process, in addition to application support, to ensure that you are fulfilling your potential.

HSDC’s careers team is able to assist and inform you about scholarship opportunities for your ongoing progression. These can be within the UK or internationally and we will support you in application and through the process in order to maximise your potential for success.

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