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Industry professionals visit students for out-of-this-world Space Day

April 26, 2023

HSDC Student Oliver Withers-Clark

A range of exceptional guest speakers and remarkable space-related industry professionals visited students for our highly anticipated ‘Space Day’.

John Chinner - Guest Speaker

John Chinner

Held at our Havant campus, students were given the opportunity to fully immerse themselves within the world of space with the help of exceptional guest speakers and top organisations such as Airbus and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).

Students gained insights into Cosmology, and upstream technologies from David Bacon, University of Portsmouth and John Chinner, Airbus. The final guest speaker Ehsan Kalefa, a Research Fellow at the University of Portsmouth said of the event:

“I really enjoy working with space applications, therefore, inspiring young generations into the field is so important. We use satellite data regularly without thinking, for example via televisions and mobile phones. Therefore, it is important to get students thinking”.

Throughout the day, students were also able to meet with a range of organisations including Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd and KISPE who not only provided an in-depth insight into the industry but also educated students on the different pathways into the space industry, including Apprenticeships and graduate programmes.

Alice Whibberley, Airbus said:

“It has been excellent to come and speak to students about the opportunities we have on offer at Airbus. Events like this are amazing and it is great to discuss our Apprenticeship and graduate opportunities with lots of students”.

Ben Hudson, KISPE added:


Dstl equipment

“I find events such as Space Day really inspiring for the next generation. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the space industry and ensure this awareness increases. It is also an excellent chance to explain to students that roles within the space industry are very much achievable and giving them the confidence to pursue this field”.

Uliana Martynovich, HSDC Havant Student said:

“I was really interested in all of the guest speakers and their presentations. It was so fascinating to see how the industry works and I found this extremely beneficial. It was great to hear about upcoming space projects which sound amazing. I hope to work within the STEM fields in the future and therefore Space Day has given me another area to consider and explore which is great”.