Starting in September

Starting at HSDC in September 2021?

If you are starting at HSDC this September look no further, we’ve got all the info you need to get ready for student life. This page will talk you through timetables, prep work over the summer and what September will look like. If you can’t find the information you need, just contact our Customer Services team and they’ll make sure you get the answers you’re looking for.

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Getting Ahead Work

To help you prep for your studies in September, our teaching team have put together some activities and work for you. The Getting Ahead work could range from videos and podcasts to quizzes and research. You can also see what your learning space might look like, meet your lecturers and explore careers options. Click here to access the Getting Ahead work for your course/campus to see what your future lecturers/teachers have set you.

Welcome Week

If you have applied to study at HSDC, you would have received an invite to come along to your Welcome Week appointment, taking place the week commencing 23 August 2021. As per the letter you received, don’t forget to bring the following along with you:

  • ID (any ID with your photo)
  • Your GCSE results
  • Subject-specific:
    • Your portfolio (if you’re studying a creative subject)
    • Suitable clothing if you will be studying a performance-related subject, as you may partake in an audition
    • Your DBS form if studying Early Years or Health & Social Care
  • EHCP (if applicable)
  • Letters relating to your health and medical conditions from your GP or consultant to discuss with the Health & Wellbeing team (if applicable)
  • Your smile for your HSDC ID card 😁

Don’t worry if you didn’t get the GCSE results you were expecting! At your Welcome Week appointment, we can discuss alternative courses and go through all of your options to make sure you can study a subject at a level that is right for you.

Haven’t received your Welcome Week appointment? Email

Telephone interviews are taking place for those that could not make their appointment during Welcome Week.


You will receive your timetable anytime from Wednesday 1 September to the end of the day on Friday 3 September 2021. Timetables will be accessible through the student portal. This is for both first-year and second-year students.

You will be informed by email (via your HSDC email address) when your timetable is ready for you to view in the student portal. The same email will also detail how you can access the student portal.

Don’t have an HSDC email address yet? Don’t worry! You will be given your HSDC email address and details on how to access your college emails after your Welcome Week appointment.

Each campus will have a ‘timetable helpdesk’ located near Reception for the first few weeks of term to help with any timetable related queries you may have.

If you have not received your timetable by Saturday 4 September, please call us first thing on Monday 6 September.


Got your timetable and want to figure out how to get to your class before you start? Take a look at our maps so you can familiarise yourself with your campus before day one!

Alton Map
Havant Map
South Downs Map


Alton and Havant campuses – A Levels

Induction for all first-year students will be at 10am on Monday 6 September, in the Sports Hall. This will be a 90-minute induction. Usual lessons begin at 1pm that day.

Returning second-year students – re-induction will be within the first tutorial of the week commencing 6 September.

Alton and South Downs campuses – Vocational courses

Induction for all Level 1 – Level 3 first-year vocational students will be during their first timetabled session of the week commencing 6 September. This will be a 90-minute induction with a tutor or teacher. If you have not received your timetable from us, contact us first thing on Monday 6 September.

Returning second-year students – re-induction will be within the first lesson of the week commencing 6 September.


There will be on-site testing between 1-3 September for all students (new and returning). An email will be sent out with all of the information. Home testing kits will be available for you to collect at your Welcome Week appointment (new students) or from Reception points (returning students from the 6 Sept) at each campus for you to continue home testing. Please keep an eye on your emails for any COVID-19 updates.

Please see below for a summary of the procedures and features around campus, so you know what to expect when visiting us:

  • Although mask-wearing around campus is no longer compulsory, staff, students and visitors are advised to keep a mask with them as there may be areas where face masks are needed, either in a busy environment or to support a vulnerable member of staff. If a mask is needed, this will be made clear.
  • All students and staff are required to wear their HSDC lanyard and ID at all times when on the College premises. You will be collecting your HSDC lanyard at your Welcome Week appointment.
  • Sanitiser stations – these are located at the entrance to every building and throughout campus. We do recommend that you also have your own sanitiser with you when on campus.
  • Please also note, the government has recommended that people wear face masks when using public transport.
  • All staff and students are encouraged to complete lateral flow testing twice a week for the foreseeable. Home tests kits are available to pick up during Welcome Week and from Reception at each campus.

As per government guidance and in the interest of keeping everyone safe, you are encouraged to:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Sneeze/cough into a tissue or the crook of your elbow
  • Try to avoid touching surfaces, such as staircase railings
  • Use sanitiser provided.

If you have any questions at all about being on campus and the new guidelines, please don’t hesitate to speak to our Reception team when you visit, or you can call the team before your visit.

Visit our Coronavirus Update page for the latest information on reporting any COVID-related absences.

Getting to HSDC

Have you sorted out how you’re getting to college yet? If not, head to our Travel pages to find out more and to contact our friendly Travel team. If you’re coming by bicycle or moped, see below for location information.

Bicycle Racks

Alton – At the front of Foulkes building, to the right as you enter Reception.

Havant – Between Block A and Block B.

South Downs – Behind North West 2 Building and to the side of the Dance Studios.

Moped Parking

Alton – Car Park C near the steps to the left of Beacon Science building.

Havant – South Car Park, the furthest corner from Reception.

South Downs – (From 6 September) Left at the mini roundabout and on the road leading to all car parks (between Car Park 2 and Car Park 3).

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