Starting in September

Update on classes at Havant and South Downs campuses

A Message from our Principal & CEO

The new term has started, and it has been great to see over the last few days students attending the college and enjoying their return to education.

We have strived to balance both the education and wellbeing needs of all of our students whilst wanting to ensure we were doing everything to reduce risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic. I have always accepted that the best place for students to learn and develop is in the college, supported of course by parents, carers and families.

We have been working hard to see how best we can deliver our courses. In some cases, we commenced the year with an alternating-week approach. The induction period has allowed us to test some of our systems and we now believe we can get all students back on to the campus full time earlier than initially planned. We have also listened to feedback from students, parents/carers and teachers.

As such, we can confirm that we expect all students to attend all lessons from Monday 21 September 2020. It will be compulsory for all students to wear face coverings in class, in addition to wearing them when moving around campus. Other safety measures will remain in place including retaining the distance between teacher and students, maximising ventilation, provision of hand sanitiser stations and retaining distancing between students as far as possible.

Where individual students’ circumstances (particularly physical and mental health conditions) may mean they are not initially comfortable with the new arrangements, we will support these students, including working remotely if required.

I believe that we deliver excellent programmes of study for our learners and that my staff, as professional educators, will continue to support every student to maximise their potential and progress to university or employment.

Mike Gaston
Principal & CEO

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