Admissions Statement

HSDC students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and are drawn from a wide catchment area to all three campuses. The College has approximately 5500 full time students studying on a range of A Level and Vocational programmes, including 2,798 Uni Connect and Outreach Hub students. During periods of college closure and disruptions, due to the pandemic, we maintained a varied programme of remote learning for all students including virtual classrooms, podcasts and meetings. Methods were put in place to provide digital resources for those who had no access at home. Even with contingencies in place, however, the pandemic is likely to have impacted some learners more adversely than others, particularly in relation to our learner demographic.

Our Alton Campus offers a mixture of A Level and Vocational programmes, Havant Campus is exclusively A Level learning and South Downs is our Vocational centre. We are a flagship college for T Levels offering a wide range of robust subjects taught at both our Alton and South Downs campuses. The College offers over 30 A Levels and has strong pass rates in both A Level and Vocational programmes. As a result of this, 1439 students applied to Higher Education in the academic year 20/21. 11 students secured places at Oxbridge, 15 within Medicine, Veterinary and Dentistry and 219 at Russell Group universities.

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