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Absence & Holidays


Poor attendance can affect a student’s chances of success.

A parent or carer must notify the College if a student is going to be absent. This can be done via our Parent Portal, which can be accessed here (we advise you save this link on your phone).

If you do not currently have an account for our Parent Portal, you can create one here. Parent Portal gives you access to a host of information about your young person such as, but not limited to: Academic Progress, Attendance & Punctuality, Teacher and Tutor Comments, Smart Targets, Exam Information and much more.

If you have forgotten the password to your account, you can request for this to be changed from the login screen.

Once logged in, you will need to select your young person, tap the three lines at the top left of the screen, tap ‘About Me’ and then ‘Submit Authorised Absence’. Here you will find a short form detailing the absence which you can submit.

Alternatively, you can report an absence using the ‘Contact Us’ form here.

All authorised absences can then be seen via the ‘Authorised Absence’ screen.

Problems with transport

If there are problems with bus or train transport that are confirmed by the transport operator and where there is no alternative means of transport available, you must inform the College on each day of the absence before their first lesson, but in any event no later then the end of the college day.

Holidays and Exceptional Leave of Absence

The College has a clear policy not to authorise any absences from College during term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Family holidays or leisure activities during term time are discouraged. Only in the most exceptional circumstances will the College agree to absence during term time.

Essential work or assessments must not be missed and there must be an agreement that the student can catch up on any work missed. If you need to request exceptional leave of absence during term time, please complete the absence process as detailed above.

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