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Staff Wellbeing

We’re strong believers that the best type of employees are happy and healthy. That’s why we focus on providing a dedicated staff wellbeing programme to ensure you’re looked after both inside and outside of work.

Health & Wellbeing events

Every January, HSDC gives employees the chance to take part in an annual staff development day with a focus on Health & Wellbeing day. Here, colleagues have the chance to take part in activities such as health checks, sports massage, seminars and fitness classes including yoga.

This event also welcomes local providers to a ‘marketplace’ with former visitors including local chiropractors, Weight Watchers, NHS Quit4Life, mental health organisations and various holistic therapy providers.

In addition to this annual event, there is also a strong support network for staff which can be accessed throughout the year.

Helping you stay active

As an employer we recognise the importance of getting away from your desk, having time to socialise and getting some active minutes into your day. Our ‘Active Lunch’ initiative at South Downs Campus gives colleagues a chance to step away from their desk and try something new, with activities including archery and table tennis.

Free gym membership
College employees all have access to the onsite gym located at the South Downs Campus and Alton Campus. Colleagues are able to access the gym before or after work, with some dedicated ‘staff only’ lunchtime sessions as part of the ‘Active Lunch’ initiative.

Personal training sessions
With personal training and sports courses being taught at the College, there are opportunities throughout the year for staff to sign up to free personal training programmes.  

Cycle 2 Work Scheme
This government initiative helps you save money on a new bike, provides you with the opportunity to keep active, all while doing your bit for the environment by cycling to work.

Occupational Health

HSDC works with a local occupational health provider to help support any ongoing health conditions in the workplace. Our Health & Safety team can also arrange for workstation assessments to be carried out to ensure that your setup will limit any musculoskeletal concerns.

Positive about mental health

HSDC works in partnership with Havant & East Hants (HEH) Mind, ensuring the promotion of wellbeing and good mental health for all employees. As part of this partnership, all colleagues have access to a free and confidential onsite mental health professional.

We also provide colleagues with the opportunity to attend mental health awareness training, helping to foster a culture where all employees feel supported and understood.

Supporting employees work/life balance

HSDC recognises that sometimes employees need flexible working hours in order to help them balance home life commitments with their work.

Requests for flexible working such as compressed hours, flexitime, and home working are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This helps us ensure that all employees are supported and feel that they are contributing to the College community and positive student outcomes.

Additionally, if you are a parent, the College has many methods for ensuring you can support your family whilst working. This includes an onsite nursery located on our Alton and South Downs campuses.

I was ready in my career to make the transition to Senior Leadership Team (SLT) so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to make this jump and job share with my colleague Suki. Being new to working at SLT level, the job share enabled me to have a colleague I could work closely with and bounce ideas off of. It became apparent very early on that we were like minded and had similar values on education and the culture we wanted to create. Consequently, I feel our job share has been hugely successful – we get the balance right between hard work, laughing and supporting each other when we need to. We keep each other firmly in the loop as to what we have been working on and WhatsApp is a great tool to be able to do this! The job share has been a pleasure and a career highlight for me, and I’m very grateful to be a senior leader at a fantastic college working with Suki.

Dan Beale, Vice Principal Teaching, Quality & Learning (job share)

Returning to work after maternity leave in 2017 was quite a transition from the world of feeding, nappies and playing that my one year old had introduced me to! I’m sure every working parent feels the same…wanting to do the very best for both work and the child. I am very pleased to have had the support from Mike (Principal) to find a solution. A job share has enabled me to enjoy both life as a Vice Principal and as a mother. The transition to work was made easier through the job share with Dan. This enabled a return of 15 hours per week and sharing the role of Vice Principal with a like minded, positive and energetic individual. We work extremely well together and I personally have benefitted enormously from the job share. Spending so much time with my very lively three year old makes every day very special. I am therefore very grateful to HSDC for flexible working.

Suki Dhesi, Vice Principal Teaching Learning & Quality (job share)

I had recently returned to my role with my previous employer after maternity leave. When I saw my current role advertised with HSDC, I knew that this was where I wanted my career to go. I was anxious about applying as the role was advertised as full time, but it did state that flexible working would be considered. I attended the interview and I knew that this was the job for me. I discussed the option for flexible working at the interview and I was over the moon when I was offered the role. We agreed that I would work three days per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This suited my childcare arrangements and the requirements of the role, meaning that I am never away from my desk for more than a day. This has enabled me to have a great work/life balance, advance my career and spend precious time with my son.

Emma Porter, People & Organisational Development Partner

Workplace Wellbeing Charter

HSDC has been awarded the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, an opportunity for employers to demonstrate their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

“Achieving the Workplace Wellbeing Charter shows HSDC are forward thinking in cascading Wellbeing practices throughout the organisation and demonstrate this commitment. This accreditation marks HSDC as an employer of choice and we congratulate all at the organisation for their efforts in being awarded the Workplace Wellbeing Charter. It has been a pleasure to accredit HSDC with the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, visiting the workplace and speaking to all employees to learn more about the organisation and all the excellent work was a very positive experience.” Kevin Yip from health@work

Accreditation and award of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter demonstrates HSDC’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of the workforce and any organisation attaining at least the commitment standard in all areas is to be commended and will receive the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, National Award for England. 

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