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As a student, you will experience the benefits of a multi campus lifestyle at HSDC.

You will have one campus of study, depending on the course you choose but you can still enjoy all campuses at HSDC to experience student lifestyle to the max.

This means you will have unlimited access to all campuses’ facilities including study spaces, libraries, digital learning centres, salons and gyms. You can catch up with your friends over a coffee at any of the numerous cafés spread across all campuses at HSDC or indulge in some fine dining at the South Downs Campus restaurant.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can get involved with the College’s Be Extraordinary programme no matter what campus you are based on. Whether it is a trip you want to go on, a sports team you want to join or a society you want to become a part of, that opportunity is there for you. With HSDC’s multi campuses, student life is even more enjoyable.


Alton College, located in the historical town of Alton, offers more than 30 A Levels and a vast range of Vocational courses, T Levels and Apprenticeships.




Our Havant Campus is our A Level Centre of Excellence, offering you almost 40 A Levels to choose from. It is just 10 minutes from our South Downs Campus, so you can enjoy the facilities at both campuses if you wish.




South Downs Campus, located in Waterlooville offers a vast range of Vocational courses, T Levels and Apprenticeships. It is also the home to Synergy Salon, The Restaurant and the Fitness Centre.

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