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Grow Your Business with an Apprenticeship

Did you know that you can claim up to £4,000 for taking on an Apprentice?

Employers in England can benefit from a payment of £3,000 for each NEW Apprentice they hire, plus an additional £1,000 if the Apprentice is aged 16-18.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain support in growing your business.

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Find out more about why HSDC is one of Hampshire’s leading providers of recruitment, learning and development.

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“HSDC has provided us with quality programmes, that have developed our learners to the highest standards. This has enriched their own personal development and contributed to the high level of quality care, that Colten Care delivers; with a positive impact upon our residents’ wellbeing.”

Suzanne Hill, Head of Learning and Development from Colten Care

“Since adopting the Customer Service Apprenticeship programme as part of our recruitment model around three years ago, we have saved a huge amount of time and money on external recruitment, as well as finding a way to develop a pool of excellent candidates for the future. The apprentices not only understand our business but come prepared with a foundation of key customer service and communication skills. The way the College manages the learning element of the course has been exemplary; we have a dedicated assessor who mentors the staff and meets with them regularly to motivate and engage them with their studies. From an employer perspective, they walk us through the process so that it is as hassle-free for us as possible. For anyone thinking of taking on an apprentice, we would definitely recommend it and if you can work with HSDC, even better!”

Sarah Tomlinson, Group HR & Governance Business Partner from The Bland Group / Hovertravel

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