Consider an internship to develop your experience and enhance your applications for employment or higher education.

Internships are paid work experience opportunities lasting between four and six weeks. Undertaking normal work activities within the business, an internship would normally focus on a specific project which the individual completes to support the wider business.

Recruitment is normally done on a competitive basis which the College supports to ensure that the right students are put forward for any application process (which may involve formal interviews or by written application).

The College fully supports the internship process, ensuring that this is a positive experience for the student and the employer, working with the employer to ensure that there is a real business impact from this supportive experience.

At the end of the internship, the employer commits to providing a written internship reference which may support the student’s future applications for employment and higher education.

If you think you can support internships or any other work experience programmes, please speak to the Employer Engagement Team on 023 9279 4661 or email

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