Drama A Level

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Drama A Level at Alton Campus

This course covers all aspects of theatre from critical audience member to performer, designer, playwright and director. We explore contemporary and classical texts and the work of a variety of theatre practitioners and companies. We take a brave and bold approach to devising and are inspired by stories and the world around us. Be courageous, creative, play and have fun!

We can’t wait for you to start College with us in September!

Did you know? Collaboration is key in theatre, including audio plays. Having skills across different mediums (stage/audio) is really useful in the creative industry. There is a lot of fluidity in the industry now and most people work across all mediums. 

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Experiment with your own audio play! Think about it as writing for the stage initially and then think about what you can dial up and what you can dial down – use your friends to help you.

The National Theatre Masterclass with Audible Theatre: it’s a fascinating discussion with Writer Sarah Kosar, Director Jade Lewis and Abigail Gonda, Commissioning Producer for Audible Theatre. They share an excerpt of the play Bear Trap and discuss how they create drama for audio and how you can experiment with your own audio plays.

  1. What do you enjoy listening to and why?
  2. What type of voice do you enjoy listening to and why?
  3. Write and record your own audio play on your phone – use voice notes!

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I got into both of the universities I wanted to. It happens so fast and it’s an amazing feeling when you think that all of the work you’ve done has paid off in the best way possible.

Anton Sukhorukov, A Level student

"I am delighted with my results and am really looking forward to studying Law at Oxford University. I really enjoyed my time at HSDC Alton and I really appreciate all the help and support from my fantastic teachers, without whom I wouldn't have got my place at Oxford."

Catherine Goldie, HSDC Alton A Level Student

You take control of your own learning…the college were really helpful and always willing to do anything and go that extra step to help me get my grades.

Scarlette Tiller, A Level student