Early Years Practitioner Level 2 Diploma

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Getting Ahead

Early Years Practitioner CACHE Level 2 Diploma at Alton Campus

In preparation for your journey into Further Education with HSDC Alton, we think it is important that you think and prepare for your learning before you start with us in September.

To enable you to have a positive start, a better understanding of your ‘Child Care’ course and the units you will study, we would like you to complete the following work over the summer and email it back to us.

Please email all of your completed work to jo.cannings@alton.hsdc.ac.uk or helen.parrat@alton.hsdc.ac.uk.

We look forward to reading your work and meeting you in September!

a young child playing with building blocks

Part 1

Using the internet and textbook ‘Child Development an Illustrated Guide’ by Carolyn Meggitt, produce three checklists for children’s development from 0 to 5 years.

  • One for Physical Development
  • One for Cognitive (Intellectual) Development
  • One for Language Development

Part 2

Using a child you know, a child on TV or clips from YouTube:

  • Carry out two observations on the child using the development checklists you have just created
  • Simply tick off what you have seen them do


Look at CBeebies bedtime stories on the internet or on CBeebies on the TV at 6.50pm.

View several different presenters and then write a reflection on how they read the story.

Write an account of your experiences with children and reflect on what skills you think you have for working with children and what skills you think you may need to improve.

*This is a representation of your learning space and may not be the exact room you will be using

College has been the best two years of my education. All my teachers were great and amazing, and I think they were the most helpful they could have been.

Megan Capaldi-Tallon, A Level student

This is a really good college, and it is definitely somewhere you can achieve your dreams.

Yolanda Stemp, BTEC student

The tutors were really supportive and it was all thanks to them that I have achieved what I have. I’ve also made loads of great friends and really enjoyed my time at the college.

Lizaveta Sinkerich, A Level student