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Public Services Level 2 & 3 Courses at Alton Campus

Are you starting Level 2 or Level 3 Public Services at HSDC Alton in September? You’re in the right place!

Before you arrive at HSDC Alton we’d like you to complete some research on some of the modules you’ll be studying. It’s the type of work you’ll be doing when you get to College.

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Let’s take a tour of the Houses of Parliament together by clicking here. Complete this table along the way.

Why is there a Post
Office in the Central
In the Central
Lobby, why were
grilles put on the
windows? (hint,
In the House of
Chamber, sit in the
Speaker’s Chair.
What is the
Speaker’s job?
In the House of
Chamber, what is
the Table of the
In the House of
Lords, who sits on
the Woolsack?
In the House of
Lords, why is there
a Throne?
In the House of
Lords, what does
the Statue of the 18
Barons represent?
What happens in
the Royal Gallery?
What happens in
the Robing Room?
What happened in
St Stephens Hall in 1812?
Go to the foot of the
steps in Westminster Hall, did you know that directly below the plaques on the floor is where Guy
Fawkes hid the
When was the New
Palace Yard built?


Watch the below video and answer the questions as you go.

  • How does the British Army develop leadership?
  • What is Exercise Self Reliance?
  • What leadership skills would be developed on Exercise Long Reach?
  • Exercise Crychan’s Challenge is designed to test what two things?
  • How does the Intermediate Term differ from the Junior Term in terms of leadership?
  • Why is it critical that Officer Cadets are able to analyse a problem and implement a workable plan?
  • What would test you as a person on Exercise First Encounter?
  • Exercise Druids Ridge would test your communication skills, why?
  • In the Senior Term Exercise Broadsword forces cadets to make what kind of decisions?
  • To complete Exercise Dynamic Victory you would need to be able to think clearly and confidently, why?

During your time in College, you will be offered a chance to complete the National Citizenship Service programme. This is an exciting time away from College with your new classmates and is free of charge! Head over to their website. After you’ve explored the site, answer the following question –

  • How would completing the NCS programme help me join a Uniformed Public Service?

All uniformed services have a physical entry requirement. Here is a training programme for the Royal Navy. You should research the fitness testing requirements for a few services. What tests are required for your preferred or chosen service? Write them below. Are you fit enough? Research the fitness testing requirements to join and stay in the following services –

  • Royal Marines, Army
  • Police Force, Fire Brigade
  • Paramedics, Prison Officers

The primary components of fitness are:

  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Aerobic endurance
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Power

Which of these components of fitness are the primary focus or most important to each ‘service’? Why do you think that is? Clue: does a Fire Officer need to be able to run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes (aerobic endurance)? Consider the workloads and activities of those in the respective force or service.

*This is a representation of your learning space and may not be the exact room you will be using

My experience at the college has been decent, I’ve met lots of people, its been great to be honest, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Oliver Smith, A Level student

You’re here to learn and you want to learn, and the lecturers make it fun. You don’t have to come to college but you want to come to college.

Natalie Thorpe, A Level student

The teaching has been really good, I’ve loved all of my teachers, they’ve all been really nice and supportive.

Jodie Hook