Sport CTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate & Diploma

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Sport CTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate & Diploma at Alton Campus

Will you be studying our Sport Level 3 Extended Certificate or our Sport Level 3 Extended Diploma at Alton in September? You’re in the right place!

Start to develop skills that are relevant to your course before you join HSDC Alton this September.

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Identify three different sports coaches (from local and national sport).

  • Research what they have done in their career and state what makes them a good coach. What skills do they have? Visit
  • Watch a coach from your sport giving an interview; what do they do well? Try and watch when they have lost and won.
  • Think about the sport you would like to lead and come up with at least three different original drills that you may like to lead in your session. Be creative.

For an elite sport of your choice:

  • Research what fitness tests they carry out. Can you carry out any fitness test at home?
  • Design around your home/garden some inventive exercise that you could do. Have a look at what Joe Wicks has done.
  • Watch an online workout (maybe even take part).
  • Create your own fitness circuit that you can do, with no kit, at home. Then, how could you change this session if you had dumbbells and kettlebells?
  • Find a blank diagram of the human body showing all the major muscle groups and another that shows the bones. See how many you can label correctly (without using the internet!).
  • Find a diagram of the heart and try and understand how it works. Locate the different types of joints within the body. Write a couple of sentences on how they work.
  • Take your pulse and count your breaths at rest. Then, complete 30 mins exercise and recount your pulse and breathing rate: one minute after finishing, 10 minutes after finishing. Describe – What happens to both? Why is this? What is the body doing?

a diagram of the human body with muscle

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My experience at the college was enjoyable and productive, with thoroughly helpful people surrounding you, an excellent experience. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was, with the work shop time and experience I had, it was a great two years preparing me for the next stage.

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