Physical Education A Level

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Physical Education A Level at Havant Campus

The A Level Physical Education course consists of six different topic areas that you will study over the two years. In year one you will study anatomy and physiology, skill acquisition and sport and society. In year two you will study exercise physiology and biomechanics, sport psychology and the role of technology in sport. You will also be assessed in a competitive sport which will make up 15% of your final grade.

In order to prepare you for the transition between GCSE and A Level we would like you to attempt some or all of the tasks below.

Read Olympic marathon runner Sonia Samuels’ Strength & Conditioning exercise program to find out about the importance of strength, plyometrics and periodisation.

You can select any one of the six different ‘Anatomy of an Olympian’ YouTube clips in the below playlist to watch and then consider your answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the key features/demands of the sport in the video?
  2. What are the key unique physiological body characteristics of the athlete according to the testing results by the sports scientists?

Within the Anatomy and Physiology sections of A Level PE, we will be discussing the importance of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, both of which will be highly efficient in elite-level tennis players.

You can use notes if you have studied this at school, or conduct your own research:

  1. Draw and label a diagram of the heart and show the path of blood through the heart and around the body
  2. What adaptations would happen to a tennis player’s heart to allow them to perform at a high level?
  3. What are the different components of blood? What are the roles of the different components?
  4. Draw and label a diagram of the lungs
  5. Define diffusion and explain the movement of gases at a) the lungs and capillaries; b) capillaries and muscles
  6. Why will it be important for efficient diffusion to take place when playing a tennis match.

Part of the A Level PE programme involves us investigating the development of athletics, association football and tennis, from pre-industrial Britain through to the modern day. We would like you to get ahead and start your new programme knowing a little about ‘Real Tennis’, you may also know it as ‘Royal Tennis’.

Your task is to produce a creative resource, such as a presentation or poster that describes the game of Real Tennis. Consider how, where and when it was played as a starting point. You may be able to develop this further and explore how lawn tennis evolved. Explore this topic and see what you find and where it takes you.

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My experience with the teaching and support was really well, as I’m dyslexic, they helped me a lot and I’ve achieved good grades, so I’m really pleased.

Thomas McCann, A Level student

“HSDC provided me with the opportunity for autonomous study and the choice of subjects that I wanted to study, which helped me develop relevant knowledge as well as relevant skills for the workplace.”

Lucas Ratcliffe, A Level and CTEC student

You’re here to learn and you want to learn, and the lecturers make it fun. You don’t have to come to college but you want to come to college.

Natalie Thorpe, A Level student