Animal Care Courses

student holding a rabbit
Getting Ahead

Animal Care Courses at South Downs Campus

Are you studying an Animal Care course at South Downs Campus in September? If so, you’re in the right place!

We have put together the following ‘Getting Ahead’ work to help you prep for your course over the summer.

We can’t wait for you to start College with us soon!

animal management student handling a snake

Completing this quiz will help you learn about the animals and staff you will be working with when you come to HSDC South Downs.

1. Complete the list to name the different areas/types of animal we have within the Animal Unit.

    • Ra_ _its & Guinea _igs
    • _ird _viary
    • F_rrets
    • Ro_ _nt Room
    • _eptile Room
    • Chi_ _ens
    • Wildlife P_nd
    • F_ _h T_ nks


2. This is a Blue Poisoned Dart Frog – we have two males and one female in the animal unit. You’ll be glad to know they are only poisonous if you eat them! You’ll find more info about them here. Can you find out what is unusual about their toes which means they don’t live in water like most other frogs?

a blue poisoned dart frog


3. What type of animal is this? (you’ll find 3 in the Reptile Room) It starts with B.

a reptile


animal technician toni

4. When you are working in the animal unit you’ll be able to tell who the members of staff are just by looking at their uniform. Staff wear green t-shirts & hoodies, students wear maroon. Toni is the Animal Unit Senior Technician – she looks after the day to day running of the unit and oversees the care of all the animals?

Guess how many animals is Toni responsible for?

  • 100
  • 58
  • 145





5. We have chickens, quails, budgies and cockatiels in the Animal Unit. Can you identify which is which from the four photos below? Label each photo with which type of bird you think it is.


6. We have four different breeds of chicken that free roam around the Animal Unit during the day – they are all big characters and like to ‘help’ students while they work! Can you find out a fact about each type of chicken which we have? You’ll find useful info on this link.


7. We have around 20 rabbits and guinea pigs in the Animal Unit. They come out into grass runs during the day and are brought into hutches inside every evening. It’s the students’ job to put them out and bring them in again each day. Can you find out a yucky fact about rabbits’ unusual digestive systems? You’ll find the answer on this link.


8. Our guinea pigs have to be fed on a different dried food to the rabbits – can you find out what extra supplement guinea pigs need to have in their daily diet? The link here will help.


9. We have hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, degus, gerbils and pygmy dormice in our rodent room. Do you know what makes an animal a rodent? (clue, it’s to do with its teeth..) More info here.


10. What type of snake is this? We have four in the animal unit.

a snake


11. We also have Milk snakes and a Ball (sometimes called Royal) Python – can you tell which is which? This link will help you identify them.


12. We have three very cheeky ferrets in the animal unit. They are very nosey and love to come out of their run to investigate the classrooms. Students like making assault courses for them to race around! What is the average lifespan of a ferret? The link here will help.


13. We don’t keep dogs on-site at College but we have regular visits from some staff dogs. Here is one of them enjoying a grooming lesson with some of our students. Can you tell what breed she is? You’ll find help on breeds here.

a dog sitting on a table


14. We also have around 60 different invertebrates for you to care for at College. Can you find a fact out about some of them? You’ll find useful info on invertebrates here.


15. We are really looking forward to welcoming you to College soon. Is there any animal you have a particular interest in that you would like to tell us about? Whether it’s a horse, a wild animal, a cat, an insect or a bird – whatever you’re interested in, tell us about it.

  • Favourite Animal
  • Facts about that animal
  • Why you like it

Thank you for taking the time to complete our quiz, we look forward to meeting you in person soon!

*This is a representation of your learning space and may not be the exact room you will be using

My experience at the college was enjoyable and productive, with thoroughly helpful people surrounding you, an excellent experience. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was, with the work shop time and experience I had, it was a great two years preparing me for the next stage.

Edward Smith, BTEC student

You take control of your own learning…the college were really helpful and always willing to do anything and go that extra step to help me get my grades.

Scarlette Tiller, A Level student

There are lots of people at the college, each studying a diverse range of courses, people from all different areas come to study here, it creates a sense of community, there is a huge social aspect to college life across all courses.

Lee Backhouse, BTEC student