Creative Media Production & Technology – Film & TV Production

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Getting Ahead

Film & TV Production UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma at South Downs Campus

This work will help you get to grips with some of the key concepts involved in the TV & Film Course. Building these foundations now will put you in good stead when you begin the course in September.

computer screen showing video editing software with a camera and green screen in background

Watch the documentary – ‘The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship’ and answer the questions below (200 words minimum per question).

  1. Throughout the documentary, identify the key criticisms being aimed at the media industry and how celebrity culture can lead to the victimisation of its stars?
  2. What effect has social media had upon the relationship between fan and star?
  3. What are the different styles of camera movement and shot sizes used throughout the documentary to visually support the narrative? Please see the link (in the Resources section) to a ‘shot classification sheet’ which will introduce you to different shot sizes and explain how they are used to communicate to an audience.
  4. How is music used throughout the film to gain a specific emotional response from the audience?
  5. Throughout the film, how are different editing techniques used to keep the audience engaged and effectively communicate information to the audience? Please see the link (in the Resources section) to view a short ‘Intro to Editing Documentary’ which will introduce you to different editing techniques and explain how they are used to communicate to an audience.

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