Digital : IT Production, Design & Development T Level

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Getting Ahead

Digital : IT Production, Design & Development T Level at South Downs Campus

Get ahead, ready to start your Digital T level in Digital Production, Design and Development. The focus of this course is software design and development, learning through collaborative projects using Agile methodologies to develop your problem solving and programming skills in Python. These activities and areas of research will help keep your programming and problem-solving skills sharp ready for starting your course in September.

Did you know? Alexa and Siri are always listening to your conversations. They store your dialogue history in the cloud to improve your experience.

Finding a security bug in Facebook’s code will pay off. Facebook pays a minimum of $500 for reporting any vulnerability in their security.

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A good introduction to Git and Github:

Sign up for Github, create a repository and practise committing and tracking, then look at other Github accounts and see how you could contribute pull requests.

Use Trinket to learn/practise your code.

Udemy provides free online courses in Python from beginner to advanced.

Use the links below to create a 500-word report predicting the top five artificial intelligence developments for 2025. Consider the benefits, drawbacks, social impact and ethics of each application.

Watch the following videos:


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My time at the college was definitely life changing, I have learnt a lot of new skills, and obviously it’s a completely new experience. The support was great, there was always people there to help and try make it as easy as they can for you. The college is really fantastic, it has helped me on the way to get to what I want to achieve within my career goals.

Erin Morgan, BTEC student

“HSDC provided me with the opportunity for autonomous study and the choice of subjects that I wanted to study, which helped me develop relevant knowledge as well as relevant skills for the workplace.”

Lucas Ratcliffe, A Level and CTEC student

I focused and worked hard to get the grades. I had some support from my lecturer during a stressful time. The college is really good and supportive.

Natasha Boerer, BTEC student