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Public/Defence & Uniformed Services Courses at South Downs Campus

Are you studying a Public/Defence & Uniformed Services course at South Downs Campus in September? If so, you’re in the right place!

Before you join us in September, we would like to share with you some activities and units you will be enjoying on your course. We would like you to research aspects of your chosen career and bring this document with you when you join us.

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To be successful in any of the uniformed protective services you will need to know what they do, what roles they have, what requirements they have to join and how much you will be paid. Please do some research using Google and answer the following questions:

  • Which service are you interested in?
  • What is your chosen service’s mission statement (what do they do)?
  • What is the full title of the job role, regiment or department of the service you want to join?
  • What are the conditions of service (how long do you have to join for)?
  • How much will you be paid?
  • Is there a rank structure?

The course will support and help you learn the levels of fitness required by a specific uniformed service during the recruitment process and how diet and exercise will contribute to improving your own physical fitness. You will then be expected to improve your own level of personal fitness. Please research the fitness tests you have to complete when joining a service of your choice.

Get ahead and download the 100% Army Fit App on your phone to get you fit for College. Select ‘I want to get fitter’ and set your start date for 01/09/2021. You will get a personalised plan and you don’t need any equipment. In September you can show us the improvement in your fitness testing.

Useful links:

In any job you will need to understand and demonstrate leadership skills. Like any skill, this is something that needs to be learned and practised. To aid you in this process you will learn and apply the theories that underpin leadership, both in the classroom and during practical activities. They will make the difference between being a leader or being a good leader!

Watch each video and answer the associated questions:

A Good Leader?

  • Why would this type of leader be preferred?
  • Why could this type of leadership be more productive?
  • Why, as a leader, would you need to be able to use both?

What Skills and Qualities Make a Good Leader?

  • Did the commanding officer lead by example?
  • Why would a team seeing their leader leading by example be important?

Which of the following ten skills and qualities did the commanding officer show and why are they important? (If you are unsure of the term below feel free to look it up).

Skills & Qualities Demonstrated


Where was this demonstrated and why is this skill or quality important?






Effective Communication  












In all forms of employment, an understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion is essential, as it is often a legal requirement and you may be in a position to uphold the law.

Watch the videos and answer the questions:

Join the Army

  • Why have the Army, Navy and RAF been working so hard to promote equality and diversity?
  • Why would the uniformed services benefit from this approach?

Diversity in the Police

  • Should the police and other services represent a cross-section of the population?
  • What are the benefits of diversity when policing in the community?
*This is a representation of your learning space and may not be the exact room you will be using

I’m really happy and pleased with my grades. I really loved my time at the college, I have also made lots of friends, it’s a really nice place to be, I don’t want to leave.

Lauren Piper, A Level student

“HSDC provided me with the opportunity for autonomous study and the choice of subjects that I wanted to study, which helped me develop relevant knowledge as well as relevant skills for the workplace.”

Lucas Ratcliffe, A Level and CTEC student

Everyone at the College was really helpful, and there’s lots of facilities, meaning it’s very easy to get your work done on time, and get good grades. The teaching and support was excellent, they were always on top of it, and made sure you got work done on time and you were challenged. Everyone is friendly and its really diverse, meaning you can get involved in lots of different things.

Conor Ward, BTEC student