Device purchase scheme

Harness the power of digital learning.

To help you prepare for a bright future we place considerable emphasis on digital learning. After all, digital resources and methods are used in every single area of business and industry nowadays, which makes expertise in all things digital an absolute must for your future.

As a result, we’ve invested heavily to ensure you have access to all the latest hardware and software. We have a vision that every student will benefit through being a multi digital College, using a combination of Google, Microsoft and Apple platforms.

Bring your own device to College
We are happy for our students to use their own device at College on our state-of-the-art wireless network.

Been thinking of buying a new device?
If you are considering purchasing a new device ahead of starting with us in September, take a look at the great choice of devices offered through our purchase scheme. Pre-order your device now with no commitment and nothing to pay until after GCSE Results Day!

Click here to pre-order your device 

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