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Students’ Union

Ensure your voice is heard

Our Students’ Union (SU) is your chance to help shape how the College is run for the benefit of you and your fellow students. What’s more, you’ll automatically become a member when you enrol.

Each year you’ll be able to elect Learner Voice Representatives, Student Union Officers and Student Governors to act on your behalf. You may even wish to stand for election yourself.

The SU is also responsible for organising various trips and events throughout the year, as well as charitable endeavours. There will also be opportunities to engage with mentoring activities.

Here are some more key details about the SU’s work:

Learner Voice operates alongside the Student Union. Run by the College’s Learner Voice Co-ordinator the group meet three times a year to discuss any issues with the Senior Leadership Team, Governors, and staff members. This enables students to give feedback and propose changes.

Twice a year we’ll invite your Learner Voice Reps to our Learner Voice Conferences, where they will have the opportunity to meet key staff and managers to discuss various themes across the College including teaching and learning, student support and facilities.

The SU arranges trips and activities throughout the year. Previous years have seen students visit places such as Harry Potter Studios, Laser Quest, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and the theatre. It also organises charity events.

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