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Part time application

We’re excited that you’ve chosen to study with us!

We have a wide range of part time courses which run at different points throughout the year. Although this gives you lots of variety when picking courses, it also means that not all course start dates will be displayed on our website at once.

How to apply if your course has a start date displayed:

If there’s a start date given for your course it’s as simple as downloading the application form from this page, completing it and returning it to us (whether in person, by post or over email). A member of our admissions team will then be in touch to confirm your application details and provide you with any further details.

How to apply if your course doesn’t have a start date yet:

It may be that we don’t have an exact start date scheduled in yet. If you give our admissions team a call on 023 9387 9999 or email with details of what you’re looking to study they’ll be able to give you an approximate start date of the course, inform you of any alternative courses, and make sure you are notified when start dates are confirmed.

How to apply to an Access course

Because our Access students come from such a wide range of backgrounds, the application process for our Access Diploma courses is a little bit different than our other courses. The first thing you need to do is contact our friendly Admissions team. Give them a call on 023 9387 9999 or email – they’ll take down your details, and get in touch to inform you of what happens next.


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