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Sports Hall

360 View of Alton Sports Hall


The size of the Alton Sports Hall is (L) 33m 60cm x (W) 19m 30cm. The space can be divided in half with a net or 1/3 and 2/3s of the hall with the net (i.e. into 1 badminton court and 3 badminton courts).


Marked courts

  • 4 x badminton courts that are dividable in two courts of two (hall in half)
  • Full sized basketball and netball courts
  • 1 x full sized tennis court
  • 1 x volleyball court
  • 1 x full indoor 5-a-side court/pitch or 2 x 5-a-side half courts/pitches (dividable in two courts)
  • 2 x basketball half courts (dividable in two courts), handball

How much room is there between the side line and the wall?
Left = 2m 65cm Right = 1m 47cm

How much room is there between the back line and the wall?
One end = 1m 74cm Other end = 1m 65cm


Mats are available to use if required.
All nets/hoops available.

Mobile goals

  • 4 x 5-a-side goals
  • 2 x handball goals
  • 2 x netball posts and training/practice hoops (netball posts inserted into the ground, not a base)
  • 8 x basketball hoops


  • Volleyball posts and net
  • Tennis posts and net (including mini red tennis on badminton courts)
  • 2 x cricket nets and 3 x indoor mats
  • 2 x table tennis tables with posts/nets
  • 3 x wheelchairs that can be used for wheelchair sports
  • A score table can be set up on the side of the court or in the entrance to the store cupboard.

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