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Mixed Programme at HSDC Alton

As an HSDC Alton student, did you know you can study both A Levels and non A Level/Vocational courses at the same time?  You can choose a mixed programme of exam and coursework based subjects to suit your particular learning style. We know that some of you thrive with timed formal exams, in which case A Levels are perfect for you.  Others find success with coursework or assignment based assessment in which case Vocational courses are ideal.  Many students, however, benefit from a mixture – some A Levels with end of course exams, some more practical and/or coursework based Vocational subjects – the choice is yours at HSDC Alton.

For example, some HSDC Alton students choose to study two A Levels with 100% assessment in exams at the end of the second year, such as Mathematics or the sciences, as part of a mixed programme. For their third subject, they select a course with continual assessment throughout and minimal exams such as Entry to the Uniformed Services or Criminology. This means their workload is more evenly distributed throughout the two years and there is less pressure in the build-up towards final exams in the second year. You don’t have to study two A Levels and one Vocational course, you could even study two Vocational courses and an A Level or three Vocational subjects. Speak to our student recruitment team to see what could work for you.

Here is the list of Vocational courses you could study alongside A Levels as part of the Mixed Programme at HSDC Alton –

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