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Campus Tours

Thinking of applying to HSDC and want to explore our Campuses before you make your application? Or maybe you’ve already applied and want to check out your Campus and learning facilities before you start with us. We have created some 360 virtual reality tours so you can explore our campuses and facilities from the comfort of your own home!


Our Alton Campus is located a five-minute walk from Alton town centre and offers a wide variety of A Levels, Vocational courses and T Levels. We are proud to allow students to choose a mixed programme of exam and coursework-based subjects to suit their preferred learning style. Explore our VR and guided video tour of Alton Campus.


Our Havant Campus is a five-minute walk from Havant town centre and is home to the A Level Centre of Excellence and is the place to study A Levels. A Levels are academic-based qualifications meaning you will mainly learn in a classroom setting and will sit exams at the end of the second year. You can pick three different subjects to study alongside each other, meaning these are perfect if you want to keep your options open. Explore our VR and guided video tour of Havant Campus.


Our South Downs Campus is located in Waterlooville and offers a variety of course types including Vocational courses, T Levels and Apprenticeships – these are great options if you’re a hands-on learner. These courses concentrate on teaching you the skills you need to successfully transition from education to full time employment or a higher-level course. If you choose one of these qualifications, you will study one subject only. Explore our VR and guided video tour of South Downs Campus.

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