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International Student Application

As an international student, applying to HSDC is easy!

Step 1
Download the application form and accommodation and health questionnaire.

Step 2
Email your completed application form and accommodation/health questionnaire to along with –

  • A scanned copy of your passport or national ID
  • A scanned copy of any previous UK visas
  • A scanned copy of your grades and diplomas from the last two years
  • A scanned copy of your IELTS, Cambridge or any other English qualification

Please scan all of the above in colour, making sure the scans are a high resolution/quality. Where possible, please complete the forms by typing them up first and then print to write your signature.

Step 3
Once you have emailed your forms and scans, HSDC will soon contact you (normally within three working days) to confirm receipt of your application.

Step 4
Once you have received an acceptance letter from HSDC, you will need to pay the full fees in advance. Full fees are due two months before the course is due to start. HSDC will send you an invoice so you know how much to pay.

Step 5
HSDC can offer you visa support (for Tier 4 students only) however payment must be made for full fees and four weeks’ worth of accommodation before this can happen.

Step 6
You will receive your pre-arrival documents and accommodation details (if applicable) two weeks before you are due to arrive in the UK.

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