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T Levels and Industry Placements

The purpose of the industry placement within a T Level qualification is to provide students with a real-world experience of the industry they are interested in.

The industry placement is a key component of the two-year technical qualification, which has been developed in collaboration with employers, to give students the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workplace. It involves the student spending a minimum of 45 days in a workplace environment, gaining hands-on experience and developing practical skills relevant to their chosen course.

The placement is carefully planned and monitored, with regular reviews and assessments to ensure that the student is meeting the learning objectives and making progress towards their goals.

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The industry placement is a valuable opportunity for students to gain work experience, develop their skills and knowledge, and make industry contacts. It can also be beneficial for the employer:

  • Skills shortage: Addressing the skills shortage through proactive engagement with young people in your business
  • Fresh perspective: Industry placements can bring fresh perspectives into a business, and can make current employees rethink how they do things as they explain job roles and practices
  • Talent acquisition: Businesses can identify potential future employees who have already demonstrated their abilities and fit within the company culture
  • Skill development: Businesses can help their employees to develop their leadership and management skills through mentoring and coaching opportunities
  • Social responsibility: Providing industry placements can demonstrate a business’s commitment to social responsibility

There is no direct cost, however businesses may have to provide additional equipment or resources for students to use. These costs may be eligible to be claimed back under a Government scheme running until April 2024. We will be able to advise you on additional costs, if it occurs.

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