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Business Studies, A-Level AF-BSTUAL-D(0000)002

Alton Campus

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A Levels, Full Time

Academic Year 2023-24 (2 years)

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Do you watch TV and social media adverts and question what they are trying to achieve? See young entrepreneurs worth millions and wonder how they did it? Do you marvel when your boss makes changes in your part time job which motivates the staff to work harder? And do you admire the great business leaders like James Dyson, Levi Roots and Deliciously Ella? Then you might enjoy Business A Level.

Business reaches into all our lives and we explore the not-for-profit organisations like the BBC and charities, as well as the successful (and not-so-successful) companies that you have heard of like Apple and Nike. We explore ethics and how businesses are adapting to environmental pressures and political and economic changes. You will also learn how businesses make a profit, of course.

Students should normally have achieved at least five GCSEs at grade 9-4 (including English and Mathematics). It is not necessary to have studied Business at GCSE to take A Level.

All Business courses at college or university study the four main functional areas below which you will cover in Year 1:

  • What makes a great leader? How do you motivate staff to work harder? (Human Resources)
  • What is the best way to target customers to buy a product? (Marketing)
  • What is the difference between cash flow and profit? (Finance)
  • How do fast food restaurants maximise efficiency? (Operation)

In Year 2 we look at more strategic issues like if companies should launch new products and into which markets, how big a role should ethics and environmental concerns play in decisions and how do investors decide which companies are going to succeed?

Most lessons are classroom-based though we use laptops, IT suites and your mobile phones to do research tasks. You will look at case studies of popular companies to practise analysis and evaluation skills which are essential for answering exam questions. You will use Google Classroom to share work, interact with your fellow students and do online knowledge checks.
HSDC Alton has experienced staff who are familiar with exam board mark schemes; this allows a focus on essay techniques to maximise your marks.

– 100% exam.
– Three 2-hour exams taken in your final year; multiple choice questions, short answer questions and unseen case studies with essay-style questions.

One textbook for the entire two year course which costs £35.
Optional revision guide around £15.

Past students on this course successfully progress into employment or onto degree courses such as Business Studies, Business Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Business Enterprise and Management Studies, as well as a range of combined degree subjects.

Lessons are always far from boring. The teachers are always extremely willing to help as much as they can and I love learning the subject.

Katie Stokes, Business A Level (previously at Eggar's School)

The great thing about Business is that we are able to apply everything we learn to real life. Looking at so many case studies helps to better understand what we're learning.

Sarah Williamson, Business A Level (previously at Amery Hill School)