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A Level

ball of energy

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Physics, A-Level HF-PHYSAL-D(0000)000

Havant Campus

Type of study
A Levels, Full Time

Academic Year 2023-24 (2 years)

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Physics is the most fundamental science. You will learn about the entire Universe, from the sub-nuclear particles to the largest assembly of galaxies whilst being trained to think creatively and independently. Physics involves analysing and solving problems in novel situations;  the same idea and theory can be used many times so you don’t need to remember as much as in  some subjects.

You will find out about topics such as how stars form, antimatter, dark matter, how generators work, what photons are and what is special about them, how radioactivity can be used to do medical diagnosis and how music is linked to physics and mathematics.

Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above including English Language. You will also need a grade 6 or above in Mathematics and two Sciences.

On this course at HSDC Havant, you will cover the following topics:

  • Waves and oscillations
  • Electricity
  • Motion and forces
  • Materials and energy
  • The quantum world
  • Gravitation and astrophysics
  • Electric and magnetic fields
  • Gases, nuclear and particle physics
  • Medical imaging

The course highlights many of the ways Physics is used in our lives today. 

The teaching of this course includes a variety of methods including presentations, video clips, simulations, challenges and demonstrations. We have a large collection of Physics equipment and some of this is used every week. The dedicated laboratories are spacious and you will regularly carry out experimental work in small groups. The teachers are experienced and will guide you according to your ability. Your learning will be enhanced by the regular use of a software package which contains automatically marked tests, support sheets and the electronic textbook. 

The course is assessed by examinations taken at the end of the course.
Over the two years, you will gain practical skills from carrying out experiments and the set of experiments will lead to you gaining a practical endorsement.

A Level Physics lays the groundwork for a range of concepts and most students go on to study Physics-based subjects at university, or related disciplines like engineering. Physics is also an asset if you aim to study medicine, veterinary science or natural sciences. Some of the most related degrees and careers that students have gone on to include physics, radiography, theoretical physics, astrophysics, architecture, engineering, mathematics, ICT, piloting, finance, education and management or into the Armed Forces.

There are lots of people at the college, each studying a diverse range of courses, people from all different areas come to study here, it creates a sense of community, there is a huge social aspect to college life across all courses.

Lee Backhouse, BTEC student

My time at the college was definitely life changing, I have learnt a lot of new skills, and obviously it’s a completely new experience. The support was great, there was always people there to help and try make it as easy as they can for you. The college is really fantastic, it has helped me on the way to get to what I want to achieve within my career goals.

Erin Morgan, BTEC student

I’m really happy and pleased with my grades. I really loved my time at the college, I have also made lots of friends, it’s a really nice place to be, I don’t want to leave.

Lauren Piper, A Level student