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Equality & Diversity 2

Distance Learning Level 2 Certificate

a women wearing a t-shirt that says 'no homophobia, no racism, no violence'

Availability & Details

Equality & Diversity - Level 2 - Distance Learning Havant - Google Classroom HD1-EQDI2C/C01

Online/Distance Learning

Type of study
Part Time


Examination board
Course Fee Overseas 670.00
Exam Fee Overseas 54.00
Course Fee (Co-Funded) Standard 308.00
Exam Fee Standard 54.00


This is an ideal programme to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding equality and diversity and apply this awareness through actions in society, community and the workplace. 

There is an expectation that learners would have a minimum of Level 1 English or skills at that level prior to enrolment.

Equality and diversity in society

You will consider what is meant by the terms ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’. You will develop an understanding of the effects of stereotyping, labelling, prejudice and discrimination and will start to understand the different characteristics that make us who we are.


Equality and diversity in the community

You will consider the extent and the value of diversity within a chosen community. As part of this you will develop an understanding of the potential inequalities which can occur within a community and the support services and groups which exist to ensure equality and diversity is maintained.

Equality and diversity in the workplace

You will develop an understanding of the meaning of equality and diversity in the workplace. This will include how equality and diversity is monitored in the workplace and how the rights of individuals are protected.

Once you have enrolled on the course, you will be allocated a tutor and assigned to your learning platform. Induction will follow and then you will be able to commence your course. 

You will be assessed by submitting individual units of work and receive feedback for each unit as you progress. There is no final exam.

This course is free.

On completion of this course you will be workplace ready or have enhanced your existing work skills. You could progress on to any other distance learning course or look at the Level 3 options.

I’m very, very happy, I didn’t expect to do so well. The College has been helpful and supportive. I loved my courses, and the teachers were really good – every single one of them. The facilities are great, but it’s the staff that really make this place.

Matthew Randell, A Level student

The teaching has been really good, I’ve loved all of my teachers, they’ve all been really nice and supportive.

Jodie Hook

The teaching and support was absolutely brilliant, they couldn’t have done anything more or anything better, if I had any questions my lecturers would always stay behind to help me if I needed it and their emails were always open, it was second to none. This college is the best by far.

Amber Searle, BTEC student